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1st Annual World Finals Just Around the Corner

Casey Graves

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Closing in on the 1st ever Sim-Monsters World Finals there are gonna be some changes coming for the final event. At Vegas it will be the first event that the drivers will be able to claim bonus time, it will be an additional 30 seconds added to your run to gain 5 extra points. This will change how drivers freestyle dramatically because the story of the season has been drivers failing to fill the clock. Another change is going to be the addition of 5 bonus points for the fastest qualifier to even out points with the max score in freestyle being 35, the maximum amount of points earned in racing would be 35 with 30 points for a win like it is now and the 5 bonus points for fast qualifier. Another addition to the event is that the top 12 drivers in points will be locked into the event leaving the fastest 8 outside that group to fill the field of 20 trucks. There is one more stipulation to qualifying for the event also, you will have needed to compete in at least 2 events during the season. Also we will have an encore available for anyone who finished in the top 8 in points and World Finals Champions. With the extra events planned we will start at 6 PM EST so everyone involved can stick around for the whole event.

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