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How to host a private ROR server


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Alright so first off you need to right click your network icon on the toolbar (I am on windows 7 but this should be good for a general basis) and go to open network and sharing center.


Click on the underlined connection named listed beside Connections, in my case its Local Area Connection.


Then click on details and then write down or memorize your IPv4 Default Gateway and IPv4 Address.


Take your Default Gateway number and put it into a web browser.

If you need help finding your username and password, go onto here:


Doesn't matter what game you choose it will tell your the default password and admin log in name. If anything has been changed you will have to contact your ISP

Once you get in you will have to locate your DMZ setting if your router has the option. Usually its under the firewall settings, here is what mine looked like:


Now when you enable it you must put your IPv4 Address in, NOT THE DEFAULT GATEWAY.

Once you do that save the settings, the router might reset after. Once that is done you want to locate your servergui in your ROR folder on your C drive.


When it comes up hit the get public address, this is the IP you need to give people to join your server (also the port number aswell). Once you have the rest of the settings to your liking, hit start and now you have to know how to join your own server.

The IPv4 Address you used for your DMZ hosting is the same IP you need to put into ROR network tab so that you can join. You cannot use the external IP that you gave out so others could join.

Congrats you have just opened up a private server for your own use and enjoyment!

Any questions/concerns can be posted below but be warned this is only a guide and I cannot be held responsible for anyone who attempts and messes up.

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I guess I should be more indepth of what you can screw up, basically you can screw up hard enough to the point where your computer will loser internet. If for some reason you get that far into a mess, every modem/router/gateway should have a hard reset button that you push down for 20-30 seconds on the backside with a toothpick or something small and pointy. that will revert everything settings wise to default.

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Not sure if sarcasm or being serious.

But if your being serious, I can use the default "12000" port?

One other question, I got the server to work but only I can join it, and when I exit the complete server crashes. Also, nobody can join the server either.

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