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Talladega Pick 'Em


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LOL The bandwagon as arrived

1 of of the 43 cars that starts? Or better yet...a roush yates engine/ford combo since they have ungodly cooling and can push forever even with the new regulations?

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Just because brad has won 2 of the last 3 doesn't mean jack when it comes to racing in the biggest crapshoot in all of motorsports. He's more than likely going to be stuck working with ole sideways sam most of the race since pretty much every other team has one car in the chase. But this will be like the other 3 super speedway races this year and there will be 5-6 cars that will dominate the whole race and barely any passing up front. I'll take Biffle for this, hes been strong all year on the super speedways and needs a win to get himself back within shouting distance of the title, but still a real longshot.

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