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Sim Monsters Power Rankings


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I did Power Rankings for MTM2 and NR2003 all the time so I figured I would do them for ROR as well. It's a little late in the season to start these but I'm doing it anyways so I've got info to base off of for next seasons rankings. Top 12 make the cut along with some honorable mentions. Next weeks rankings will feature truck logos instead of text. The formula goes by overall points and how you did in the latest event.


After a great couple weeks of Sim Monsters action in Houston and Indianapolis, the series heads to Jacksonville for what will sure be one of the best shows of the season. Last week we saw El Toro Loco dominate the racing portion of the event, taking the Fast Qualifier spot and defeating Excaliber in a close Final. Freestyle featured two winners in Avenger and Air Force Afterburner, for Avenger it was his first career Sim Monsters Victory. Maximum Desutruction lost the overall points lead to Grave Digger. Digger and Max D lead the power rankings respectably 1-2. Heading in to Jacksonville 3 trucks are in the mix for the overall points title. Who will come out of Florida with the momentum going in to the first annual Sim Monsters.com World Finals? Tune in this Sunday night to find out!

Sim Monsters Power Rankings – JANUARY 19, 2011

Position - Last week Rank - Driver/Truck - Power Rating (Out of 100) - Comment

1. Grave Digger - NR - Josh Rhodes 97.0 - Took the points lead in Houston

2. Maximum Destruction - NR - Ryan McCauley 95.0 - Tough week in Houston but expects to rebound in Jacksonville

3. El Toro Loco - NR - Eric Myers 92.0 - Eric has been on a mission the last couple up weeks. And has made his way into the top 12.

4. Gunslinger - NR - Michael Murray 89.0 - Gunslinger is still in contention for the overall Championship, and currently leads Freestyle.

5. Bounty Hunter - NR - Jordan Robson 87.0 - With the exception of Houston, Robson has come on strong towards the end of the season. He will be a threat in Jacksonville

6. Air Force Afterburner - NR - Casey Graves 86.0 - Bradshaw tied for the Freestyle win in Houston

7. Tropical Thunder - NR - Danny Mass 84.0 - Still holds a solid top 5 points position

8. Avenger - NR - Andrew Field 82.0 - Tied for the Freestyle win in Houston

9. Excaliber - NR - Kyle Carr 80.0 - Carr made his Sim Monsters debut last week in Houston, he lost in the finals to El Toro Loco but the strong showing was enough to get him into the top 10.

10. Monster Mutt - NR - Mike Elmendorf 77.0 - Tough week in Houston but you can bet the Mutt will be on the attack in Jacksonville

11. Amsoil Shock Therapy - NR - Tylinater 73.0 - Amsoil has been on a roll the last two weeks, making the finals in Indianpolis and the Semi Finals in Houston.

12. Grinder - NR - Cody Broughton 70.0 - Grinder hasn't set the world on fire lately, but still sits 6th in the overall standings.

Honorable mentions: Bigfoot, Spiderman, Jurassic Attack

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