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Drivers Ready for the World Finals

Casey Graves

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Heading into the last event be for the first ever Sim-Monsters.com World Finals drivers will face one of the biggest layouts of the season. With a massive dirt mound in the middle and many other big objects around the EverBank Field one thing drivers shouldn't be lacking is air. Fresh of the heels of the first ever broadcasted race for the league a couple drivers will have some major momentum heading into this weeks events and look to build on it heading into Vegas, those would be the drivers of Avenger, Air Force Afterburner and El Toro Loco. Since racing in the league El Toro Loco has flat out dominated the racing scene and look impressive again beating a competitive field of trucks with ease at most times during the night. Air Force and Avenger would split the freestyle win on the night, both with what some can call the best runs of their careers. Avenger looking to be the Most Improved Driver of the Year with major improvements in both racing and freestyle since the beginning of the season. Air Force however has taken an opposite path as he started out very strong taking a freestyle win in Orlando and struggling after that. The top 3 in points would have very quiet nights as all 3 would run into trouble in both racing and freestyle and the race for the top 12 has about settled itself as the only driver outside with a shot is Spiderman who needs a perfect night and an El Toro Loco problem in racing and freestyle which looks slim with how he has been performing the last few weeks. One truck to watch out for in Jacksonville will be the Excaliber machine as he made it to the finals last week in racing and scored a 21 in freestyle with an early run.

In other news the league directors are announcing 3 events after the World Finals that will not be for points as drivers wait to start the next season. They will give drivers a chance to try out another truck or look to gain momentum heading into the first race of Season 2. The first of the three events will see Sim-Monsters over seas for the first time ever at the Gelredome in Arnhem, Holland, the second will be at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati, OH, and the thrid and final event will be at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia, PA.

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As soon as i get Rigs Of Rods Re-Downloaded onto my computer, I'm going gunna be back in this monster truck battle, better than ever.

B)  :D



                                                                                                                                       -Docta "Snake Bite" Stinguh

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