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World Finals -- Las Vegas, NV -- Sam Boyd Stadium **Double Points**

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Alright here is a list of the drivers locked in and eligible to compete at the World Finals. Also remember we are starting early at 6 PM EST so we can get everything done before midnight including encores. Anyone who is in the top 8 in points including the race on sunday will be able to encore, if you think you may be in the top 8 send me a pm or an im with what you would like to do for your encore, some possibilities are but not limited to custom trucks, replica trucks, tandem freestyles, debut a new truck etc. Also dont forget were only taking 8 drivers who aren't locked in, if you dont make it in tough luck you can't freestyle better luck next season, if your sitting around 9th or 10th I would hang out tho because someone might not make the event. There are 2 alternates in case one of the locked in drivers doesn't make the event, first one to get locked in would be Spiderman and the other would be Bad News. Hope to see everyone Sunday for a good event whether it be they are racing or watching the stream.

Locked In

Grave Digger, Maximum Destruction, Gunslinger, Tropical Thunder, Bigfoot, Grinder, Air Force Afterburner, Monster Mutt, Avenger, Jurassic Attack, Bounty Hunter, El Toro Loco


Spiderman (1st Alternate), Bad News Travels Fast (2nd Alternate), Shock Therapy, Bulldozer, MLB Bigfoot, Monster Mutt Dalmatian, Black Stallion, Excaliber, Pastrana 199, Bad Habit, Black Smith, Brutus, Destroyer, Iron Outlaw, Mohawk Warrior, Raminator, 106.7 The Fox, Eradicator, King Krunch, Predator, Stabilizer, Summit Bigfoot


  1. Grave Digger* - 13.73 right 15.57 left
  2. El Toro Loco* - 13.86 left 14.40 right
  3. Bounty Hunter* - 14.04 left 14.31 right
  4. Excaliber- 14.17 left 16.96 right
  5. Spiderman - 14.18 right 16.47 left
  6. Shock Therapy - 14.47 left 17.37 right
  7. Bigfoot* - 14.56 left 15.18 right
  8. Maximum Destruction* - 14.58 left DNF right
  9. Bad News Travels Fast - 14.67 right 16.03 left
  10. Air Force* - 14.75 left 15.25 right
  11. Gunslinger* 14.76 right 15.16 left
  12. Tropical Thunder* - 14.86 right 15.20 left
  13. Avenger* - 14.89 right 16.78 left
  14. Jurassic Attack* - 15.05 right DNF left
  15. Monster Mutt* - 15.06 left DNF right
  16. Bulldozer - 15.19 right 19.26 left
  17. Raminator - 16.42 left DNF right
  18. Monster Mutt Dalm- 16.60 right DNF left
  19. MLB Bigfoot - 16.74 left 19.52 right
  20. Predator - 16.92 left DNF right
  21. Destroyer - 18.79 right 21.43 left
  22. King Krunch - 19.48 right 25.47 left

*(Denotes locked in)

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some possibilities are but not limited to custom trucks, replica trucks, tandem freestyles, debut a new truck etc.

Oh damn, what I would give to show off Four X Force there!!! Ah well.

Sounds like it's going to be a great event. I'll be on the stream watching it for sure :D

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