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Sim Monsters Power Rankings Week 2


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Here is week two of the Sim Monsters.com Power Rankings.


Last week in Sim Monsters the series was in Jacksonville Florida at Everbank Field for what some say was the best show of the season. We saw 23 of the best trucks in the world get down in dirty in the deep south. Grave Digger edged out the Bounty Hunter for top qualifier, Digger would receive a round 1 bye. Digger would end up using that #1 qualifier to his advantage, all the way in to the final round. Where he faced new comer Ethan Dean and Team Suzuki. Team Suzuki gave him a good run but for the 2nd week in a row the number one qualifier came home with the racing victory. Extending his points lead in racing. Freestyle saw it all, the track proved to be a tough one and drivers had the tough task of filling the clock and doing so in spectacular fashion. The guy who came out on top was none other then Scotty Hartsock and the Gunslinger. The freestyle points leader dominated Freestyle with a 29. Gunslingers Freestyle run is a nominee for best freestyle of the season. Both Digger and Gunslinger look to make an even bigger splash this week in Las Vegas for what is sure to be the biggest event in Rigs of Rods history. Other trucks locked in to the show are Maximum Destruction, Tropical Thunder, Bigfoot, Grinder, Air Force Afterburner, Monster Mutt, Avenger, Jurassic Attack, Bounty Hunter, El Toro Loco. It's going to be a great week of action so make sure you tune in to Sim Monsters TV for the first annual NGK Spark Plugs Sim Monsters World Finals!

Sim Monsters Power Rankings - January 28th, 2011

Week 2

Position - LW Rank - Driver - Power Rating (Out of 100) - Comment

1. GDLOGO.png - 1 - Josh Rhodes 99.0 - Won racing in Jacksonville

2. Gunslingerllogo.png - 4 - Michael Murray 95.0 - Won Freestyle in Jacksonville, extended FS points lead

3. MAXDLOGO.png - 2 - Ryan McCauley 93.0 - Down week in Jacksonville, still holds top 3 points position

4. BHunterlogo.png - 5 - Jordan Robson 90.0 - Made the Semi finals in racing last week which was enough to move him up to 4th this week

5. ELTORO-1.png - 4 - Eric Myers 89.0 - Eric did not get the chance to go back to back in racing last week, but the truck was fixed up for Freestyle where he would end up 3rd in the final order. Still holding a top 5 this week.

6. Excaliberlogo.png - 9 - Kyle Carr 87.0 - There is no one hotter then Excaliber & Kyle Carr on the circuit as of late. Making the semi finals for the past two weeks, and finishing inside the top 5 in Freestyle as well. Kyle moves up 3 positions this week to 6th.

7. AFALOGO.png - 6 - Casey Graves 86.0 - Air Force had high expectations in Jacksonville but was not able to deliver, but you can bet Air Force will be a contender this week in Vegas.

8. Avengerlogo.png - 8 - ARF Man 84.0 - Avenger had another solid week in Jacksonville, making the 3rd round in racing and finishing off the night with a solid 24 in Freestyle.

9. Suzukilogo.png - NR - Ethan Dean 83.0 - Team Suzuki made its season debut last week and boy did he deliver. Making it all the way to the finals against Grave Digger and tieing for 4th in Freestyle. If he runs Vegas look out!

10. Grinder.png - 12 - Tweak 80.0 - The Advance Auto Parts Grinder had a respectable showing last week in Florida.

11. JAAttacklogo.png - NR - Patriotic Canadian 77.0 - Jurassic Attack finally makes its way on to this weeks power rankings. Kurt did just enough last week to get himself locked in to the big show on Sunday.

12. MUTTLOGO.png - 10 - Mike Elmendorf 76.0 - Elmendorf had yet another tough week but looks to rebound just in time for the first annual Sim Monsters.com World Finals!

Honorable Mentions: Bigfoot, Spiderman, Executioner

Vegas is Sunday! Tune in to see who comes out on top!

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