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Casey Graves


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This is just throwing ideas out there, but wanted to hear what you guys are looking for in a league (tracks, format, day, time, ect.). The basics of what we have talked about is using a similar format to rormj, but with our own little twist to it. We are probably going to have some practice races before the actual league would start, and most likely based on your performance during those races, that is how you would chose what truck you will drive. Also we have talked about splitting the league depending on how the interest is in the practice races. The for days posted above are going to be the only choices, rormj has mondays and fridays so I don't want to compete with them, and liquidfire and myslef are normally not home on saturday nights. Time will most likely be 8 PM EST just to be done before 11. Now this is just what we have now, most of the stuff I have said will probably change, but I want this to be more user created and have the members have a real say in the rules and format.

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Could you ad friday or saturday to that list? If they were on one of those days, id be at every show.

For us college kids...Friday IS a HUGE party night. I myself Am IN a frat, And Fridays the night we have parties. Saturday is Game day. Nuff Said. lol

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Yea that was the plan for tracks, probably 60-40 for real tracks to fictionals. Probably 1 or 2 "Fairground" style tracks or Raceway tracks, like an S-Style course and maybe a crossover, I'm gonna compile a list of tracks here in the next couple nights, the only tracks I know will be on the schedule so far is Anaheim, St. Louis and a newer version of Vegas (not sure if it will be a real or fictional version). Also I have came up with some ideas of how to split the league, one is basically running two events back to back one at 6 EST and one at 9 or 10 EST. BUT if we do end up running on Sunday (which seems to be the most popular selection so far) it could end up being an afternoon/late evening event for the first group and a small break in between the two races. That is what I am leaning to for the first season, Qualifying format is also something I need to think about when I create a time schedule which I don't know how I'm gonna do it right now.

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