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The Weather Thread

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I know we've had a few weather threads in the past but I think a dedicated thread for all of it will make it easier to share concerns over severe weather, snow, hurricanes, flooding, extreme heat etc.



With that there is currently a lot going on today, sever weather, snow and possibly flooding just on the Eastern seaboard.


Useful links






Useful Links (Advanced)









Live streams




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In Pennsylvania, we got rain.   Woo.

Well the weather man lied and we ended up with over 5 and a half feet of snow over 48 hours, apparently it was a record for our region.

http://www.TwisterData.com is a great site for nerds like me, then again most people don't know how to navigate it lol.


I remember when you used to give me crap about weather and now look at you! :lol:



Btw, Ryan you should be a meteorologist. You're always talking about weather.



You're actually not the first person to say that, I enjoy weather but not enough to want to pursue that as a profession...not yet at least.



-Added some more advanced links for those that follow weather or want to become royally confused.

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Getting a Huge Winter Storm, gonna be winds of 55 MPH and 7" of snow... (Btw, correct me if I'm wrong, im Canadian and used an internet convertion, in Canadian standerts we're getting 90 KPH winds and 20 CM of snow...) Big storm eh? Gonna hit Monday so probably no school. lol 

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Looks like a pretty good change for the majority of the Northeast to get some snow Thursday-Saturday, going to start reading into this and paying attention now that it seems like a legitimate possibility but right now it looks like a few are putting a bulls-eye on New England. Couple of winter storm watches in NE, likely spread south as Friday approaches.



(image should update automatically if there are any changes)



Not expecting much here in PA...especially with how our last few winters have been.

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