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1st Annual World Finals Preview

Casey Graves

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Before the World Finals here is a take of the possibilities based off watching everyone the last few weeks going into Vegas of the guys locked in and guys outside that could make an impact.

Grave Digger - Probably the favorite for racing, he's made it to the semi-finals every race but 1. Freestyles have been hit or miss as of late, but if he can get it to bonus time then he'll probably the freestyle champion

Maximum Destruction - Struggled as of late, due for a good night racing wise and has been really solid other than a couple weeks freestyle wise. Like Digger if he can fill the clock he'll probably claim the title

Gunslinger - Hasn't been on his game racing wise as of late having problems getting out of the first round. Freestyle he has been as good as they have been, may not win freestyle event but hes gonna be near the top of the charts

Bigfoot - Very quite but solid season, has yet to win this year but could bust through in either racing or freestyle

Tropical Thunder - Started off slow but has come around and has been in contention for a few wins in racing and freestyle, could be a guy that can pull through like Bigfoot

Air Force - Struggled in racing until last week at Jax, been solid in freestyle and can be a contender for the freestyle win if he doesn't make costly mistakes

Grinder - Always a threat to win racing, came through at Orlando but problems have forced him out of racing competition the last few weeks, very solid freestyle wise could break through at Vegas

Avenger - With out a doubt the most improved driver on the season, he has been fast in racing and strung some good freestyles in the last few weeks, top point getter from the last 4 races also

Monster Mutt - Been quite since his win in freestyle at Atlanta, can be a real threat if he lasts the whole run any week

Jurassic Attack - Same as Monster Mutt after his win in New Orleans hes just been off his game

Bounty Hunter - Missed alot of races but is a threat to win racing at every event hes at, can be hit or miss on his freestyles at times

El Toro Loco - Probably one of the heavy favorites to make it to the racing finals, has dominated the racing events hes run, solid in freestyle but misses the wow factor in most runs

Spiderman - could be someone who makes it far in the racing bracket, has been fast in qualifying lately but mistakes have cost him wins in the bracket, has the potential to go off in freestyle

Shock Therapy - Has come on to the scene strong racing wise coming close to winning in his first event at Indy and making the semis in Houston, freestyles can be wild and unpredictable at times if he keeps it wheels down he may be a surprise at the top of the charts

Excaliber - One of the hottest drivers coming in with a close lose in the semis two straight weeks, just about picked up a freestyle win at Jax


Fast Qualifier: El Toro Loco

Racing: Excaliber

Freestyle: Maxmimum Destruction

Would be cool to see what everyone elses predictions are for the events

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Epik phail of the night: probably myself, i can't imagine anyone else going one hit wonder in this lineup

FQ: probably JrTec in El Torro.

Racing: dig or Excalibur

Freestyle: anyone's game, but i would favor RKM.

Pathetic running gag award: me again, for when i succumb to the urge of recapping the event in limerick form like the last time

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Top 4 Qualifiers: El Toro Loco, Grave Digger, Excaliber, Bounty Hunter

Racing Semi-Finals: El Toro Loco, Grave Digger, Excaliber, Shock Therapy

Freestyle 4 to watch: Air Force Afterburner, Bounty Hunter, Grave Digger, Excaliber

Did mine in 4's cause there are too many to pick 4 let alone 1.

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