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World Finals race date


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  1. 1. What night/time works best for you

    • Friday 8 PM EST
    • Saturday 7 PM EST
    • Sunday 1 PM EST
    • Move it back another week

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alright with the race being postponed and the super bowl next sunday pick a night that would work. Saturday may or may not be able to work depending on my work schedule but we could do friday possibly but would have to start later to help out the west coast guys. We could do a Sunday afternoon race and end before the game

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I honestly think its kinda unfair to me if you hold it on Saturday. There is absolutely no way i can make that day or time. I'd hate to lose out on the two possible championships i'm in contention for just because everybody wants to watch the superbowl. Just push it back another week or hold it on friday night.

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