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V4 CustomSon-Uva Digger Mud Truck Custom

Chris Hamilton

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File Name: Son-Uva Digger Mud Truck Custom

File Submitter: worldfinals

File Submitted: 20 Apr 2013

File Category: V4 Customs

Time for some fun!!! Here is my finale version for the Monsters of RoR World Finals! Replicating the mud truck and putting it onto a monster truck chassis! I had a lot of fun making this truck and I added some of my own personal flare into some of the roosterpit items and placing them. Also I didn't really paint the truck as majority of it was pasting logos into the right places to make the truck. Good luck to all competitors and enjoy!!!!!


Logo Placement, Misc. In-Cab Parts- Me

Logos- Google

Monster Jam Logos- Monster Jam (Go figure :P)

Everything Else- SmPack Makers

Click here to download this file

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