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Hump Day Shootout: Nashville, TN


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Guess what time it is?? That's right, it's time for the third installment of the Hump Day Shootout!! Colineri and I are once again teaming up to bring you yet another event, and this time we're headed to Nashville, TN to tackle the infamous crossover course; this is one track that will for sure separate the contenders from the pretenders.

For those of you that need the track: http://sim-monsters.com/index.php?/files/file/244-nashville-ss-season-2/

Qualifying will
be held from 4 p.m. est to 6 p.m. est on Wednesday, August 7th.

Just like last week, the fastest 16 will make it in.

The AIM chat will go up around 7 p.m. est, give or take a few minutes.

As for trucks, you can pick any v4 truck you want (minus the leafer test and the AM/PM Boss leafer); be they replica, custom, or custom replica. But if you're using a custom or custom replica, make sure you have permission to use the particular truck.

Me and Colineri get first pick of trucks, and when you post your sign ups, make sure they look like this:

Chadwick Deerfoot
Bad Dawg

Now, onto the rules of the event

First off, make sure to get some practice while you can because you will not be able to take any practice runs when you go in to qualify. You'll get one redo if you flip or have a major mistake, but that's it.

Try to get in game as soon as possible, if you don't get in after a 2 minutes, you will be called in again; at which time the 2 minute clock starts. If you're not in game after the 2 minutes is up and your opponent is, said opponent gets a bye run. We want everyone to get a fair chance to run, but we can't wait forever.

Also, try to stay in your lane during each race; I know the jumps can kick you off at weird angles, but do you best to keep your truck under control.

Oh, and the best 2 out of 3 in the finals is returning from last week.

Freestyle runs are gonna be 2 minutes long, just like last week.

Try to keep freestyle runs realistic.

Last, but not least, listen to the officials in game and in the AIM ; and do not close down your in game chat unless absolutely necessary. 

And as a side note, even if you don't qualify in, don't log out of AIM right away; we had people who couldn't make it and those of you who would've been fill in's left and we couldn't get a hold of you.

So, with all of that outta the way, we hope to see ya on Wednesday!

Chadwick Deerfoot-Bad Dawg
Mark Colineri-Grave Digger The Legend
Jose Garcia-El Diablo
Brandon Garcia-Son Uva Digger
Andrew Bayley-Half Pint
Mike Gresko-Death Letter
Devin Doss-Aussie Bigfoot
Jeff Murillo-Grave Digger
Jon Cannon-Avenger
Josh Gajewski-Kontrol Freak
Dylan Bernier-Custom American Flag Bigfoot
Tharindu Don-Northern Nightmare
Chase Leahy-Blue Raptor
Preston Perez-Double Trouble 2013
Tyler May-Bounty Hunter
Alan Echevarria-El Toro Loco
John Morrison-Coal Miner
Jonathan Soto-Gunslinger 2013
Dan Agosh-Grinder
Aaron Schultz-Pure Insanity
Tom P.-Goldberg
Justin Olander-Metal Mulisha
John Dough-Five Star Fury
Nick Kozak-Ford TT
Danny Mackey-Herbst Landshark Truggy
Julio Vellon Jr.-Empire

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