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Well here is a couple projects that I have been doing.

This node and beam truck matches RKM's Max-d chassis giving it some pretty neat handling


Digger 7, for Josh. And on going project and the closest one to getting finished


A pair of Leaf Spring trucks


King Sling Mud truck, after seeing the videos I just had to, building a chassis for it.


And last but not least Prototype cantilevered monster truck, something that just came outta my head.


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Hey Crazyman! Blizzard here from MTM2 days. Great to see ya over here. Hey will that GD7 be able to do power wheels? If we don't stall out the engine. LOL

Sorry I haven't been around more to answer, but yes that is the plan, I would like to get as close to its real life ability as possible.

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Dad is going to freak ha that thing is going to be so sweet I had him playing yesterday or trying to play I should say haha he loves this game even thow he dosnt even know how to turn on a computer

lol thats great... glad to see the whole anderson family playing this great game

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<<<Bows Down before the greatness of the anderson family... :D

Adam i must say you and your dad are my idols and my insperations to someday make it in monster truck racing. I would also like to say that every year i keep praying to the gods that be that you and/or your dad would come back to Bloomsburg,PA for next years 4-Wheel Jamboree. It would just be simply epic just to be able to see the anderson family tear it up in freestyle along with Chris and Jim.

thats ryan not adam lol

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