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Well. there's a lot of people signed up already, but theres still many spots left.

You can change truck as many times as you want until you actually use it in a event, after that you are locked in it.

Sign up:

Signed up


Magnus Birkelund - Barbarian
Frank Scholten - Brutus
Daniel Donnelly - U.S Air Force Afterburner
Devin Doss - Blue Thunder
Luke Wierenga - Maximum Destruction
Aaron Lurie - El Toro Loco
Jose Garcia - El Diablo
Dalton Hastings - Bounty Hunter
Mitch Bumpass - Grave Digger
Dylan Bernier - Son Uva digger
Edy Beltran - Higher Education
Alan Echevarria - Monster Energy
Jared Murrilo - Metal Mulisha
Jon Cannon - Avenger
Yovany Rayos - Grave Digger the Legend
Daniel Simon - Wolverine
Julio Vellon - Madusa
Blair Lockhart - Hot Wheels
Zach Nicholas - Safe Auto Minimizer
Josh Gajewski - Iron Man
Jack Merkle - Scarlet Bandit
Cam Seaward - Bulldozer
Richard Pleasant - Shock Therapy
Dray Connell - Northern Nightmare
Jeremiah Price - Mohawk Warrior
Cole Sanders - Grinder
Leon Arbanda - Hurricane Force
Chris Hamilton - Lucas Oil Crusader
John Morrison - Bad Habit
Jeffrey Barrera - Nitro Circus
Tharindu Don - Batman
Danney Mackey - Titan
Brian H - Wicked Sickness
Aaron Schultz - King Krunch
Chadwick Deerfoot - Raminator
John Dough - FDNY
Preston Perez - Destroyer
Cole Sanders - Grinder
Brett Falvey - Stone Crusher
Gavin Hill - Captain America
Hagan James - Mechanical Mischief
Jay spears - Aftershock
Brennen Bridges - Mega Bite
Colt Durham - El Matador
Justin Jacobs - Swamp Thing

Andrew Sheets - Captain's Curse

Mason Paul - Pastrana 199
David Trevino - Bigfoot

Nick Kozak - Maniac

Matt Wilkinson - Excalibur
Mark Galloway - Detour
Wesley Outman - Cult Energy Activator

bert wojcik - Snake Bite

Andrew Marsh - Iron Outlaw

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