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Honestly, I've put way to much money and hope into Echetenix or whatever it is that have made, now going on the past 3 games. Seems like every corner they turn something broken or isn't working properly. I do sincerely hope NTG 14 will be a step in the rigt direction, but acording to most on the NTG Forums (PBC CUP ROOKIE HERE!) and myself, there isn't much hope. I really do miss the old EA games.

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Trailer is out!

I've been keeping track of things on another forum

They are keeping things pretty hush hush


List of everything confirmed about NASCAR 14'
Green = New Content/Info Released

Release Date: 
February 18th, 2014 

-Microsoft Xbox 360
-Sony PlayStation 3

-"Larger than Inside Line", Dave
-Custom Paint Schemes
-"Race Preparations" , Dave. Largely focused on
-New Sponsor System
-New R&D Center (upgrades)

-"New Features"

Single Player (Race Now):


Multiplayer (Online):
-Leagues to create and manage inside the game
-Kick feature
-Matching making to your personal skill
-Race Replay

Other Features:
-All 23 Officially Licensed NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Tracks
-Special events like the All-Star Race, Budweiser Duels and the Sprint Unlimited
-Both 2013 & 2014 Generation 6 cars
-AI Retires if damage is great enough

Other Add-ons/Fixes:
-New Physics for cars
-Track updates and random fixes (Dover tire wear, Charlotte turns)
-AI Balancing for all tracks
-Revamped difficulty levels (harder than Inside Line)
-Engine Performance (Data from raced engines to apply to the game)
-Redone aerodynamics 
-Redone "tyre" (tire) wear
-Track temp changes throughout the race
-Car can catch fire (without an Auto DNF)
-Tweaked lighting system
-New pit stall sequences, will not be 17 sec. stops

2014 Drivers:
- Kevin Harvick #4: Jimmie Johns
- Kasey Kahne #5: Farmers Insurance
- Regan Smith? #7: TaxSlayer
- Danica Patrick #10: GoDaddy
- Tony Stewart #14: Bass Pro Shops
- Greg Biffle #16: 3M 
- Kurt Busch #41: Haas Automation
- Jimmie Johnson #48: Lowes (white)
- Dale Earnhardt Jr. #88: National Guard
- Micheal McDowell #95: Leavine Family Racing
- Carl Edwards #99: Fastenal

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Game came out today. Pretty much what everyone expected, Inside Line with a few small improvements here and there.

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