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ROR:WR S1E1 Syracuse 2013 June 5th


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We'll Gentlemen we are finally after in my opinion a long hiatus. We are back and I know we had two Pre-Season events left but I just scratched those. So just to let every one on the site know sign ups are not closed. And if you sign up on the day of the event and want to participate you will be able to. Now as I said this event will be booking. So if you want to participate there will be 16 slots and the first sixteen to put their name and truck in this format:
Jeremiah Price
Monster Energy
If you do that then you will automatically get a slot. This event will be live streamed so everyone can witness the great event. If you sign up after all slots are filled if somebody can't make it you will take their spot. The aim chat will open at 6:30est. The actual event will start at 7:00est. We'll let's get those sign ups:
1.Monster Energy/Jeremiah Price
2.Brutus/Alex Lindgren
3.NEA/Seth Holloway
4.Alex Steinhaus/Iron Outlaw
5.Titan 2014/Alan Echevarria
6.Grinder/Blake Thompson
7.Bigfoot 14/David Trevino
8.Doomsday/Dylan Bernier
9.Crusader/Bob Jones

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