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V4 ReplicaAvenger World Finals XV


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File Name: Avenger World Finals XV

File Submitter: Aces98

File Submitted: 07 Jun 2014

File Category: V4 Replica

After a lot of long hard hours, Awesome Kong 13 and I proudly announce the release of WF15 Avenger :D.

Aces98: Body texture (made from scratch), Body Lexan, Visor, Shock textures, shock adjustments, and helping Kong with prop placement

AwesomeKong13: All chassis construction, prop placement, Rim adjustments, Chassis texturing, Chassis lexan.

JonCannon: Managed Materials

Beta Testers: Taurus Racer 13, steial, Hagan James

RockCrwlr : Tires

Click here to download this file

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