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Patriotic Canadian's Skins thread!

Patriotic Canadian

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here are a few skins i've been tinkering with for LF's pack, and i've posted most in ROR mj i know, but i just wanna start a general skinning thread

first off... the old jurrasic attack!


added a bit of blood to the beak, im still tinkering with contrast to bring out the scales more


also, i redid the slashes under the eyes, i think they look better, not sure though

still tampering with sting. headlights need work :P




next, Barbarian!


now, Wrenchead!




now, Iceman. for TJ


and Jetix



so... your turn!

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I like the idea but lets make this your own showoff thread. Since a few already have their own threads already. Ill make a show your projects thread soon.

First of all let me start by saying these are a huge improvement over your first batch of skins you made over at rormj.

One this you could do to improve the quality of your skins would be using vectors. This would eliminate the choppy/blocky flames. Also once you get used to the truck is much easier to skin. I don't know if you have noticed but the actual usable part of the skin is smaller than what is shown in the image. Resizing some of these skins would help the appearance as well. The last thing is using high res decals/ if you cannont find them recreate them instead of using a small decal that will pixelate. At least if you attempt to remake it you will have something that has solid lines and doesn't pixelate on the edge. Just my 2 cents. You have come along way since the first skin you posted.

You might wanna try slowing down and refining 1 skin at a time instead of working on 10 skins at once. The reception you get over a well thought out well planned skin is worth the extra time. ;)

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Thanks, it looks even better with the sandstorm sky because it isnt so reflective. I threw another skin together since I was bored. Turned out pretty well, very simple. However I cant get the pics up, it wont let me use the uploader on the reply tools or the image link to photobucket

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