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HELP RoR says no!



Ok so I had a computer crash this weekend.. (nothing new there)

Upon restoring and getting everything back I've come across a new issues...

when I go to install ROR I get this error


I seem to remember getting that one before and ignoring it..

but now after it installs I get this
reguardless of which program I try to open...

0.38 works  and I know the V4 is released for 0.38  but that doesnt help with the tons of custom trucks I like to bash around...

I have tried re-installing about 40 times and downloaded from just about every link google can find...

if anyone has any answers it would be immensly appriciated.



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I wish I could help you man. I honestly have no idea why it is giving you this problem. A lot of people are on the official Rigs of Rods forum and if you ask there, there might be people who can help you out.


Best of luck.

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