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V4 CustomLeafer Pack 2019 class two

Taurus Racer 13

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Leafer Pack 2019 class two

This is the all new Leafer pack class 2 . These trucks are lighter and faster than class 1 . There is 68 trucks in all  every truck has been rebuilt plus a ton of new truck to go with those. You will need Leafer pack Class 1 all so for everything to work right . for best results try to delete any of the old original leafers from the old packs because some meshes have a different name or at least copy and replace when asked . Please do not alter and reupload this pack for any reason     Please rate and review  thanks !!!

All construction - Taurus Racer 13 

Paint - 80% Taurus Racer 13 -  20% Mark barrett

Thanks to Digger Fan , Blaze , and everybody who gave me parts or tested the 


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Just merged this into the v4 pack and none of the trucks will load up, but the #1 pack will. Is this standalone?


Actually it's just a few trucks, Texas Armadillo will work as will Duraliner, but none of the Bigfoots and a lot of others.

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