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(tracks)Mud Masters Motorsport Park


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File Name: Mud Masters Motorsport Park

File Submitter: maxdman

File Submitted: 29 Jun 2014

File Category: Tracks

Well it's not my best track but its something fun to mess around on with the mud trucks or monster trucks. Track has two racing styles. The second Track-X is a time trial and the first one is two trucks race at once.

Klayton-Car, Van, Bus, RV, some textures
Me- all models (other than those^), textures, editing some of Klayton's textures
Dimas147- Trees from blendswap.com

If anyone has any more problems let me know here, PM me or AIM me, link is in my signature.

Click here to download this file

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I love the track, but there is one small thing i noticed when i went in game...


That one was my fault.  Open the track and find the .jpg called "front end textures".  Rename it to this - front_end_textures  and that should do it.  I didnt change the texture name to match the material file.  I might fix it and re upload it

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Anybody ever get this fixed? If so ill release King Sling

What issue are you having?  Some people report a missing houston2010.raw file.  If thats the issue that is a simple fix that i can do in seconds

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