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V4 CustomHerbie Monster Truck


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File Name: Herbie Monster Truck

File Submitter: steiale

File Submitted: 06 Jul 2014

File Category: V4 Customs

My First Custom to be Publicly Released is finally here!!! This is the Herbie Monster Truck that I will be using in any League or Fun Run until I can fix up Storm Tracker. If you would like to use it, Please message me before hand.


Alex Steinhaus (steiale) - Original Paint, Truck File Work

Andrew Sheets (Andrew) - Body Improvements, Updated Paint

Awesome Kong - Original Bug Body

Dalton Widner (tddtwid) - Chassis Prop Placement, Truck File Work

DanDon - Steering Wheel

Mark Collineri - Rims

Nick Kozak - Chassis Base

Klayton Halogg - Tires

Edy Beltran (coconutmen) - New UV Map

Hagen James - Shocks

Click here to download this file

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