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V4 CustomChevelle 13


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File Name: Chevelle 13

File Submitter: Voth

File Submitted: 01 Sep 2014

File Category: V4 Customs

"I wanna go fast."

Here's a custom made by Awesome_Kong13 (Marcus) and I. He is going to use it as his custom so you'll need to ask him permission before using it in any fun runs. The paint for this was from Ricky Bobby's dad's car in the movie Talladega Nights. Also, the headlights glow if you check the glow box in the rorconfig.

Body: Google

Chassis: Kozak

Chassis Edits: Marcus

Paint & Repaints: Me

Rims: Johan

Tires: Klayton

Shocks: Klayton

Rim Covers: Google

Shock Setup: Me

Other stuff: Marcus/Me

Other other stuff: V4 makers

Click here to download this file

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