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Sim-Monsters Racing League Info

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General Info:

The series will be split into two groups, East and West. When you sign up you will need to choose which series you plan on running, and you are allowed to run one week in the other series instead of your own.

Admins: Casey Graves, Liquidfire, TBA, TBA

Days: Sunday

Time: Drivers Meeting will take place at 8 PM EST/5 PM PST

Max Field: 24

Teamspeak Info: TBA

Server Info: Will be posted in Teamspeak the night of the race


Drivers Meeting - Unless you talk to an admin of the series, you must be there for the drivers meeting, YOU WILL NOT RACE THAT NIGHT IF YOU MISS THE DRIVERS MEETING! It is very important to attend incase we make a change to the rules or there is a specific rule for that track

Qualifying - Will take place before the event to conserve time, Qualifying will open at 5 PM EST/2 PM PST on Saturday and close when the drivers meeting starts.

Racing - Basic head-to-head bracket racing, if needed, in rounds where there would be a fast loser, they will be timed and the fastest time out of them will advance to the next round

Freestyle - 1 min 30 sec runs, 3 of the 4 admins will be judging each run, the other will be timing. If you run past the given time an extra 30 sec will be given of non scored run. The order is determined by the seasons points except for the first event


Geting only 2 tires over the ramp will result in a 5 second penalty

Cutting Course, driving over a turning pole will result in a 5 second penalty, driving into the other lane is an automatic DQ from the round

Failure to RII, after a hard hit or flip you may be RII by one of the officials, if you fail to stop you vehicle within a few seconds of the RII you will be DQ'ed from the event and recieve no points

Missing Drivers Meeting, not allowed to compete in any events that night

Truck Selection:

With the exception of Grave Digger and Max D, any truck is availible. Selection will be availible to those who ran the practice races first then to the rest of the public. Just to make it look better when we make the event recap videos you will have to use the predetermined name of your truck, but you will recieve the points in your name.

If you choose your truck before registration is open you will have the last choice for trucks


Date - Location - Venue

10/17(Practice Race) - Las Vegas, NV - Sam Boyd Stadium (WF9)

10/24(Practice Race) - Las Vegas, NV - Sam Boyd Stadium (WF9)

10/31 - St Louis, MO - Edward Jones Dome

11/7 - Anaheim, CA - Angel Stadium

11/14 - Salt Lake City, UT - Rocky Mountain Raceway

11/21 - Orlando, FL - Citrus Bowl


12/19 - Atlanta, GA - Georgia Dome

12/19 - Hagerstown, MD - Hagerstown Speedway


1/2 - New Orleans, LA - Superdome

1/9 - Indianapolis, IN - Indiana State Fairgrounds

1/16 - Houston, TX - Reliant Stadium

1/23 - Jacksonville, FL - EverBank Field

1/30(World Finals) - Las Vegas, NV - Sam Boyd Stadium*

*Double Points/Bonus Points Availible

**All info posted is subject to change**

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Truck Selection:

With the exception of Grave Digger and Max D, any truck is availible.

Does this mean Grave Digger and Max D won't be in the league, or the have predetermined drivers?

Either way can't wait!

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if I'm aloud to race in this series i already know what truck i want...haha its the one my a girl i know drove for a while (Pastrana 199) well thats IF im aloud and no oen else called it already >_>

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