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Terrain 2 System Track Conversion Tutorial (0.37/0.39 >>> 0.4)

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1 hour ago, MonsterJam4Lyfe said:

I think i did everything right, but it didn't work. Its a really simple map too. Heck, its not even Monster Jam, just a backflip of some kind.


54 minutes ago, MonsterJam4Lyfe said:

I Tried This With Seattle 1999, But I Can't Figure Out How To Change The Files To .Terrn2 And TOBJ. Do You Go Into Properties? Just Needing An Explanation, I Think I Got It Once I Complete That.


18 minutes ago, MonsterJam4Lyfe said:

Nevermind, I Found Out. Thanks For The Convert Help Helen!

next time, just click on edit on your post and sum it all there. no need to triple post

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