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How to Submit Downloads

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Here is a short tutorial on how to properly submit a truck, track or any other content onto Sim Monsters for download.
First off you will need to host your files on a external file hosting site. Due to the traffic and the changes to our site hosting provider we can no longer host files directly on the site. 
Here is a link with several choices for you to use

Once you have uploaded the file onto whatever site you choose, you then have to copy the website address that links you to the download page of the file you uploaded. Now you can submit a file for approval on Sim Monsters. First you need to head over to the Downloads section and locate the Submit a file button. Pick the correct category for your file and continue to the next window.


What you want to do is click on "Add files by URL" (Shown by the red line) and then paste your link to the download page of your file (Indicated by the green line).
Then Click, "Save and Submit Files".
You will then be taken to the File Information Section where you fill out the viewing information that people will see when they download your file You also have the option to add screenshots, again you are not permitted to host your pictures on site, please use a photo hosting site such as Photobucket, Flickr, puush, imgur or imageshack.
To link the pictures is the same as files, you need a direct link to your picture and then add it using "Add screenshots by URL" (red line). Click "add another" (green line) to link your photos. Once you are done click "Confirm".
Once you are happy with everything you can hit "Save and Submit Files" at the bottom of the page and your file will be submitted until a staff member can approve it.

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Quick question. When I upload converted tracks. No staff has to approve it. It is ready for download right after I hit submit. Why?

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Sorry for the bump, but I uploaded my Avenger World Finals X file, and it didn't get approved for weeks. I updated it with a minor fix, and it showed up under the files section of the home page, but not in downloads. Shortly after it was removed from the files section. I'm guessing it was declined?

Is there a reason for this?

I uploaded both screenshots and the file to the site, and gave credit to all that I could.

EDIT: Nevermind it just got approved. Thanks!

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apologies for the bump, but I uploaded my first truck (Smokin Bull) and it hasn't gotten approved for weeks, it's' my first ever truck made and i'd rather not see my first project go to s*it just because nobody approved it.
and to be fair I gave credit too everybody I could.
yes I know the 2 reasons project's don't get approved like outlawed has said before.
EDIT: Sorry it tooks so long but it got approved!!! thanks!

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