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  1. ?
  2. The only person I know is T. Ray. I'll ask him.
  3. Well ok.
  4. I added the files in, but I'm still "missing" xtaxle2.mesh
  5. The smv4 folder correct?
  6. Interesting....why did he though?
  7. I've recently downloaded Xtermigator 2016, and I'm missing the following files: XTAxle2 and 2014sudmesh. If anyone can help, thank you. 0 Quote Edit
  8. Yeah, what's really annoying is that when I tried to open Xtermigator, I'm either missing XTAxle2 or SUD14mesh.
  9. I am aware, Andrew and MonsterJamSeriesTv made the truck.
  10. Same, I tried uploading Xtermigator 2016. But it didn't work.
  11. Not bad man. Keep it up!
  12. 12002
  13. Running 0.38. Maybe that's why.
  14. elitediamond doesnt work but the other does. I'll check out some stuff on alliedgaming.
  15. ill try those two and ill see which one works