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  • Grave Digger 5 Replica v1 By rockgod88

    happy spooki day, now go drive the worst 4 link digger in existence! Has green and black chassis   Credits @deadgod88 Blender, chassis edits, some paint, NB, cool pics @TheBostonRag paint, help with chazzy and OG bad custom SM v4 pack Original Chassis   body is not 100% accurate, may update someday?    Standalone.
  • Casey's Extreme MT Tour: Reno 2018 (Custom) By erhminer

    Just a quick little thing I threw together figured I'd release it! Lmk what ya'll think! (ik ik racing is tight, i'm experimenting  ) creds stadium model: edy props: rockcrwlr, maxdman everything else: me
  • Maximum Destruction CRD v2 By rockgod88

    MaxD Gold WF15 MaxD CRD 2012 MaxD CRD 2014   Credits @rockgod88 Like alot of stuff, making it, NB, paint stuff, @Outlawed Chassis @John Dough No spike body @Patriotic Canadian Spike Body   Sim Community Other Props and such  
  • Send It! By CMDeerfoot

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    Are you silly? I'm still gonna send it! What started as just the signature catch phrase of Larry Enticer has turned into one big bad monster that's built to be sent. Please note that this truck is an open custom so you do not need to ask me permission to use it in Sim Monsters sanctioned leagues and events, the one exception being SMRA as it's apart of my team in that league; other than that, you're good to go. Credits are as follows: Paint - @CMDeerfoot Chassis - @Outlawed Body and
  • York Fair 2019 By maxdman

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    York Fair 2019. 3 Tracks in the download, Best Trick, Time Trial/Racing, Freestyle.  Time trial racing track map in the images up there ^ Track should be .3 and .4 compatible.  If anyone has a problem about it comment below or PM me and I'll see what I can do to fix it. Enjoy.
  • Atlanta 2015 By AaronLurie

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    Another 2015 track being used in SSRS Credits: Stadium Model: Andrew Field (Possibly Edited by Tharindu) Track Model and Paint: Me Car Models, Car Textures and Various Other Textures: Klayton Haylog LED Banner: Danny Mackey Inflatables: John Dough (Textured by Me) Other Textures: Various Track Makers
  • Syracuse 2017 By maxdman

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    Made slight changes to my previous stadium model I made back in 2015, and used the same old textures but they're still up to date. Credits: Me Klayton Hotshoe Malibu monsterjam16' If I forgot anyone let me know and I'll add you to the credits.  If anyone has an issue with the track let me know below or PM me and I'll do my best to fix it. This track is .3 and .4 compatible
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