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  • Leafer Pack 2019 class two By Taurus Racer 13

    • 3,278
    This is the all new Leafer pack class 2 . These trucks are lighter and faster than class 1 . There is 68 trucks in all  every truck has been rebuilt plus a ton of new truck to go with those. You will need Leafer pack Class 1 all so for everything to work right . for best results try to delete any of the old original leafers from the old packs because some meshes have a different name or at least copy and replace when asked . Please do not alter and reupload this pack for any reason     Please ra
  • Great Clips Mohawk Warrior Fire 2019 By CP3

    Figured I'd attempt making the mohawk considering seeing all the other Fire GCMW's with the mohawk ripped from Steel Titans. Could be better, could be worse. Also want to thank Bryant for the great paint. Bryant Steggall - Paint jedipresence - Original painted head Kozak - Chassis Andrew - 540 Merlin, Fuel Cell, Fans/Radiators Fern - Fuel Cell and Merlin engine, etc. Klayton - Body, Tires, Transmission & Battery Me - Blender work and Mohawk model SM -
  • Tip'D By John Dough

    • 1,801
    Hello m'ladies and gentlemen of Sim-Monsters! Allow me to introduce you my newest and classiest ride: Tip'D! This state of the art truck is a creation powered by the most knowledgable (and yes, euphoric ) minds on the internet (you should come meet with us on reddit.com some time!). This truck will no doubt be an instant attention-grabber of any fair m'lady to come across this website, so I will be driving it in all leagues unless I give permission to someone else. Credit and Utmost debt
  • ★★★ SMRA Nashville Superspeedway 2017 ★★★ By Tom Deents

    • 1,869
    • 7
    An official, @Outlawed-certified SMRA track for the 2017 season. Racing features a launching crossover jump and wicked chicane, with freestyle including some hybrid jumps and car stacks. Tested for .38 and .4.5.1, any issues arise tell me. (feel free to rip anything, though the inflatable SMRA letters' UV map may need some simple adjusting) Credit: @Mark Colineri @maxdman Klayton @Hot Shoe Slickster @RockCrwlr @Chris B Me I hope that's it
  • Gaithersburg 2019 By maxdman

    Title says it all.  Track layout is a Vegas style J-hook. Credits: Me, Klayton .4 and .3 compatible.  If any issues comment below and I'll see what I can do to fix them. Enjoy!
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