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  • Hoonzilla By DJKBarn

    This is a clone of rockgod88's Stone Crusher Truck pack, I only cloned it and painted it as said in credits. Credits Truck, chassis, assembly, and everything else: @rockgod88 and the community Tires: @Andrew Paint and cloning: Me This is my custom for leagues, it is not an open custom. Feel free to notify me of any issues or concerns.
  • Syracuse 2017 By maxdman

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    Made slight changes to my previous stadium model I made back in 2015, and used the same old textures but they're still up to date. Credits: Me Klayton Hotshoe Malibu monsterjam16' If I forgot anyone let me know and I'll add you to the credits.  If anyone has an issue with the track let me know below or PM me and I'll do my best to fix it. This track is .3 and .4 compatible
  • Monster Jam World Finals 18 Racing By Chris B

    DISCLAIMER (If you can really call it that) This is a big file. You might experience some lag or not be able to run the track at all if you have your settings to the max. However, for your convenience, this upload includes an FPS version, which undoubtedly does not look as nice, but will get the job done for competitions as it aligns perfectly with the full version of the track. If you are running the FPS version, and for some reason you still are getting lower than about 40 frames, t
  • Fall Madness V By Mark Colineri

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    Figured it was finally time to get around and officially release this. Here is the full Fall Madness V track. This is compatible with versions of RoR that use both terrn and terrn2 file types. Credits: Myself - Track Model/Paint, Turning Poles Klayton - Van/Bus/Flat Trailer/Stands/Lights Casey - Cars David Stewart - Logo Banners
  • WRA World Finals 3 By Mark Colineri

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    I've put this off for long enough. This was the track for Julian Baumann's WRA World Finals 3. This is compatible with versions of RoR that use both terrn and terrn2 file types. Credits: Myself - Track Model/Paint, Banners Klayton - Bus, Sam Boyd Stadium Casey - Cars Will Meyer - WRA Logo Andrew Sheets - SIR Tire MaxDMan - Orange Tires/Logs  
  • 2017 Brutus (Allen) By ChaoticMayhem

    Hello everyone! Today I am sharing with you my latest piece of content. It's no where near perfect but I need it to be on SM so I can use it for a league so... Here is my decently made Brutus that was run last year by Brad Allen. Credits go to Blaise for making the original truck. All I did was update rims and paint. Enjoy! Credits: Me: Paint and Rim updates Blaise (rockgod88): Original truck. Notice: This is cloned and working for all versions that I know of. PM me if it doe
  • NAMT New Orleans, LA 2018 By DannyMackey

    Here's the fifth track for NAMT.  Racing is a bit of a throwback to anyone who raced in SSRS, as it's the same racing course as the one used at TR Stadium.  Freestyle mixes up the direction of the jumps a bit, while trying to keep room for everything.  Hope you guys enjoy, as there is still a few more tracks to come from me for this season of NAMT! Credits: Models: Danny Mackey, Aaron Lurie, DiggerFan, maxdman, Sim-Monsters Textures: Danny Mackey, Aaron Lurie, DiggerFan, maxdman,
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