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  • Rap Attack v2 By rockgod88

    Rap Attack 2016/17  Creditssssss Me-Chassis, blender, nb, everything Chris Bee-Amazing paint that i forgot to say before Andrew-body Should be standalone but i dunno  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯   Truck now has outdated diffs, however I have a tutorial on the SM discord how to do them correctly
  • Maximum Destruction CRD v2 By rockgod88

    MaxD Gold WF15 MaxD CRD 2012 MaxD CRD 2014   Credits @rockgod88 Like alot of stuff, making it, NB, paint stuff, @Outlawed Chassis @John Dough No spike body @Patriotic Canadian Spike Body   Sim Community Other Props and such  
  • York Fair 2019 By maxdman

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    York Fair 2019. 3 Tracks in the download, Best Trick, Time Trial/Racing, Freestyle.  Time trial racing track map in the images up there ^ Track should be .3 and .4 compatible.  If anyone has a problem about it comment below or PM me and I'll see what I can do to fix it. Enjoy.
  • Mark Colineri's Realistic Settings Update By Mark Colineri

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    Completely Stand-Alone Changes Adjusted Torque CurveTop speed lowered, power curve changed. Adjusted GripFront tires have more grip, rear tires unchanged. Adjusted Tire StiffnessThe tires themselves are stiffer and act less like a second set of shocks for the truck. Adjusted Center Of GravityGenerally lowered CG on all the trucks, not the same between trucks due to shock settings, sway bars, etc. Adjusted Brake StrengthDown from 32000 to 22000. Original Shock SettingsEach truck has custom m
  • Team Meents Pack v2 By rockgod88

    Tom Old chassis has had many rolls (ha pun)   Credits Blaise- Shocks, paint help Blender work, NB, Truck making, paint stuff, Textures, 4 links, shock edits, tire and rim edits Harlow-Body Micah-A ton of paint work Marty-General help and testing Shawn-Goldberg Paint, Driver and helmet textures  Chris 🅱-Team Meents paint  SM-Props
  • Metlife Stadium Custom 2018 By AaronLurie

    This is a track. Race course in the screenshots. Credits: Aaron Lurie Klayton Haylog MTM2 MaxDMan Danny Mackey Obstacle Ideas: Mason Runkel and Devin Doss   Enjoy.  
  • Grave Digger Red Pickup Monster Truck 2017 (Custom) By Swegliner849

    One of my favourite projects, took about 1 month to make Credits: Me Chazzy Kozak Andrew Blaise Sm Community
  • World Finals 16 By AaronLurie

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    Alright. So I took up the extreme challenge of recreating World Finals 16. A few things to note so that we don't fill up the reviews with complaints. Yes, I know that the track isn't 100% accurate. I made some mistakes, but it's correct for the most part. Yes, I know that racing has a bunch of shading errors. I've spent over 4 hours between yesterday and today redoing the racing track and there are still errors. But hey, the track functions and we can finally have a new World Finals t
  • NAMT St. Louis, MO 2018 By DannyMackey

    Here's the fourth track for NAMT.  I based this layout off of the one I used for NAMT Syracuse, but I tried to make it more open.  I also made sure to leave some room in the middle of the floor for freestyle.  Hope you guys enjoy, as there is more to come from me for this season of NAMT! Credits: Models: Danny Mackey, Aaron Lurie, DiggerFan, maxdman, Sim-Monsters Textures: Danny Mackey, Aaron Lurie, DiggerFan, maxdman, Klayton Halog, Sim-Monsters, MTM2 If I missed someone, le
  • NEA & DoomsDay 2015 By fernBurn

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    Made because Sheets wanted his body to be put to use. Hope you guys enjoy them!   Credit; Body- Andrew's Sheets Chassis & Headers-  Nicholas's Kozak Paint, Sponsor Plate, & Shocks- Fern's Burn (sounds better than Fernando's Martinez) (Nea) BKT Tires, Batteries, & Rims- Klayton's Halog Engine- Andrew's Wamsley (tbh, not sure if thats your name, hmu if wrong..thank you tho) (Dooms) BKT Tires & Light Bar - John's Dough (hhmm) and everything else - SM content creators (Thank
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