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  • East Rutherford 2012 By AaronLurie

    I am actually releasing another track. Unreal.  Brand new Metlife Stadium model that I made a very long time ago with a track that I made a very long time ago. Big shout out to @RockCrwlr for the Path of Destruction wall banners and @maxdman for the stadium lighting structure that I took from his stadium model Have Fun.
  • Dumb Tough 2017 By fernBurn

    Ever wondered what a poor man's monster truck would look like? Imagine not having enough money to buy event he cheapest parts available, and having to resort to the junkyard to build your dream. Well, that's what we have here everybody. A truck built off one man's passion for monster trucks and the dedication to make his own. Win, Lose, or draw, you cannot deny this trucks tenacity to put on a show. Ladies and gentleman, i present to you... Dumb Tough 2017 (#4) This truck has to b
  • Gigabite 2018 NAMT By CP3

    Paint and Blender work was done by me Kyle did material file and NAMT setting
  • PPRL Shell Shotout 2007 By Edy

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    Here it is! The remake of the old and classic PPRL Shell Shotout, one of the first tracks from MTM2 i attempted to make back in 2012 and now finally got time and revamaped it! This track was originally made by the legendary @DaveTheSmasher, one of the most amazing and creative MTM2 creators, i'm so glad to bring this track back from MTM2 in a new revamaped version for Rigs Of Rods. Link to the original track: http://www.mtm2.com/MTM2/Tracks/details.php?thistrack=4675 This a just r
  • Tip'D By John Dough

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    Hello m'ladies and gentlemen of Sim-Monsters! Allow me to introduce you my newest and classiest ride: Tip'D! This state of the art truck is a creation powered by the most knowledgable (and yes, euphoric ) minds on the internet (you should come meet with us on reddit.com some time!). This truck will no doubt be an instant attention-grabber of any fair m'lady to come across this website, so I will be driving it in all leagues unless I give permission to someone else. Credit and Utmost debt
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