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  • Working Class 4 By Mark Colineri

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    It is gearing up for a new year of competition, so that means it is time for a change. I was not very pleased with the performance of Working Class 3, so the team and I went back and started from scratch. There are a lot of things we are trying on this truck in attempt to improve handling and overall performance. This is the best looking and most unique Working Class to date! Credits Body/Paint/Chassis Editing/Shocks - Me Rims/Axles/Knuckles/Sway Bars/Drive Shaft - Klayton Driver - Wambo RII Box
  • NAMT St. Louis, MO 2018 By DannyMackey

    Here's the fourth track for NAMT.  I based this layout off of the one I used for NAMT Syracuse, but I tried to make it more open.  I also made sure to leave some room in the middle of the floor for freestyle.  Hope you guys enjoy, as there is more to come from me for this season of NAMT! Credits: Models: Danny Mackey, Aaron Lurie, DiggerFan, maxdman, Sim-Monsters Textures: Danny Mackey, Aaron Lurie, DiggerFan, maxdman, Klayton Halog, Sim-Monsters, MTM2 If I missed someone, le
  • St. Louis, MO 1999 USHRA Monster Jam World Finals By DiggerFan

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    This is a replica of the 1999 USHRA Monster Jam World Finals event, held on April 3 at the Trans World Dome (now The Dome at America's Center), in St. Louis, MO. This zip includes 3 versions of the track: Racing, and two versions of Freestyle (one with solid junk car props, and one with crushable junk cars). The lineup for this event included: -Avenger (Jim Koehler) -Bear Foot (Brian Womack) -Bulldozer (Tom Meents) -Bustin' Loose (Ron Nelson) -Carolina Crusher (Gary Porter) -Cyb
  • San Antonio 2021 By AaronLurie

    Another collaboration between @Edyand I. Edy made the stadium model and I made the track. Have fun.
  • 2017 Brutus (Allen) By Nathan H.

    Hello everyone! Today I am sharing with you my latest piece of content. It's no where near perfect but I need it to be on SM so I can use it for a league so... Here is my decently made Brutus that was run last year by Brad Allen. Credits go to Blaise for making the original truck. All I did was update rims and paint. Enjoy! Credits: Me: Paint and Rim updates Blaise (rockgod88): Original truck. Notice: This is cloned and working for all versions that I know of. PM me if it doe
  • ★★★ SMRA Nashville Superspeedway 2017 ★★★ By Tom Deents

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    An official, @Outlawed-certified SMRA track for the 2017 season. Racing features a launching crossover jump and wicked chicane, with freestyle including some hybrid jumps and car stacks. Tested for .38 and .4.5.1, any issues arise tell me. (feel free to rip anything, though the inflatable SMRA letters' UV map may need some simple adjusting) Credit: @Mark Colineri @maxdman Klayton @Hot Shoe Slickster @RockCrwlr @Chris B Me I hope that's it
  • MS Metroplex 2013 0.4 By rockgod88

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    Another track to take you down memory lane.    Credits: (not sure if 100% accurate) Blaise (Converting) Danny Mackey (Models, Textures, Paints) Klayton Halog (Textures) Sim-Monsters (Textures) MTM2 (Textures)
  • Bad Habit Relapse 2020 By stimson122

    Bad Habit Relapse! After a lot of testing, I'm finally happy to release this to everyone! Been gone for a while but I'm back now that I've finally upgraded to a decent PC. Not perfect I know, I may bring out updates for it in the future to make it more FPS friendly, but through testing this was the best for now. As always a HUGE shout out to all the content/prop creators on this site, without you guys these trucks wouldn't be anywhere near as good. THERE IS 2 FILES, ONE FULL
  • Syracuse 2019 - Repli Custom By erhminer

    **.38/.4 COMPATIBLE, IT WILL FUNCTION ON BOTH VERSIONS** Hello everybody and here I am out of the blue another whole new track release! This time I took some inspiration from MJ's ST1 tour and made this version of Syracuse as if it were on ST1! I hope everyone enjoys! Track/Track Textures: Me Stadium Models/Textures: MaxDMan Props: MaxDMan Other: If you were forgotten please DM me!
  • NAMT Anaheim, CA 2018 By DannyMackey

    Here's the seventh track for NAMT.  Racing this time is a clover leaf design as seen before in Fall Madness and SSRS.  Freestyle has a giant backflip wall and an enormous double that jumps across the table top.  Hope you guys enjoy, as there is still a few more tracks to come from me for this season of NAMT! Credits: Models: Danny Mackey, Aaron Lurie, maxdman, Chris B, Sim-Monsters Textures: Danny Mackey, Aaron Lurie, maxdman, Chris B, Klayton Halog, Sim-Monsters, MTM2 If I m
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