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  • 2022 SPIN MASTER SHOWDOWN By P3ForLife Customs

    The next generation of THE Spin Master Showdown! This dedication of a track is a pure-blooded racer's dream. Perfection is the name of the game here, not speed. From massive gaps to hairpins, from crazy chicanes to pits of disqualification. This track is something different, something new, and something that takes knowing your truck to master.   !!!!!!!!DISCLAIMERS!!!!!!!!! 1. Although the WNB pack is promoted in the track they are basically Hard Mode in terms of completing this t
  • Awesome Kong II By DiggerFan

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    • 7
    This is a replica of the Awesome Kong II monster truck, as driven by Jeff Dane in the mid-1980s.   Notes: -This is a standalone add-on. It does not need to be extracted into the V4 pack to work. -This vehicle has been tested to work with versions 0.37, 0.38, and 0.39. -This vehicle has several additional features, as listed below   Features: -Headlights/Taillights - Press N to turn the lights on or off. -Rollbar Lights - Press Ctrl+1 to turn the rollbar lights on or off. -Hydraulic Tilt Bed - Ho
  • Anarchy By Jack Merkle

    Oh my god it's my first upload to the site after 6 and a half years.  Made this on a whim and I absolutely love the way it turned out. Me, Aaron Lurie  - Paint Devin Doss - Prop Placement Kozak - Chassis Body - Andrew Sheets Tires - Andrew Sheets Rims - John Cavalini
  • Maximum Destruction Pack By acdcfan56

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    The wait is finally over. The Maximum Destruction pack is now out for all of you to try! Mirror 1 is the HIGH QUALITY Mirror 2 is the LOW QUALITY This was a huge project, took over a year to complete. But in the end it was all worth it. 10 trucks are in the pack for now. Trucks are: Maximum Destruction Original Tom Maximum Destruction Original Neil Maximum Destruction Original World Finals Racing Maximum Destruction Original World Finals Freestyle
  • Casey's Extreme Monster Truck Tour: Metlife 2018! (custom) By erhminer

    This track is a custom made by me, after being given an idea for a large budget independent show! So I took the challenge and I think it came out pretty good! I hope you all feel the same way! Big thanks to Zonar for the stadium textures! Anyway 3 versions of the track; Racing, Tough Trucks, Freestyle! Credits: Stadium: MaxDMan Props: MaxDMan, RockCrwlr Track Paint: Me Stadium Textures: Zonar Track Model: Me Conversion & Material Files: Me & T.Ray
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