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  • Hemistorm 2020 By tjizzle

    My truck for the upcoming Sim Monsters All Star event.  This has been my personal custom for a couple years just never actually made it into anything on the site. Enjoy! CREDITS Klayton - Body Paint - Me Truck Construction - XWarrior Fern - Deral Fans & Radiator,Fuell Cell,Magnaflows,540 Merlin Engine crazyman444 - Cheetah Shifter Helen Weales - Driver models RockCrwl - Batteries If you see something that is yours or i credited a model wrong message
  • Grave Digger XIV By Doomed User

    Grave Digger XIV was a monster truck built and driven by Dennis Anderson in 2001, and continued to operate under different drivers from 2004 to 2010. After winning the World Finals Freestyle Championship in 2000, while having a sub-par head-to-head track record all season, Dennis decided to build Grave Digger XIV as a way to increase racing performance, and maintain freestyle performance after leaving Grave Digger VII. The truck debuted in 2001. Although having not won Dennis any Championships,
  • Avenger 2017 & Avenger World Finals 18 (S10) By Swegliner849

    After uploading this im taking a break from content making (ill still be online here), the reason is that i want to concentrate more in school, making all this trucks distracted me and i really want to improve myself so i guess this is the best choice. The school year ends in december so ill be back at making stuff there, enjoy the avengers... Credits: Me SDTV33 Fern Kozak John Dough Harlow Sm community
  • World Finals 6 By maxdman

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    Here's my World Finals 6 Replica. Really enjoyed making this track and it's one of my personal favorites to drive on. I really wanted to put some trees in Thunder Alley but my toolkit isn't working properly so this'll have to do for the time being Credits: Me Klayton Mark If anyone has any problems pm me, aim me or post it below. Enjoy!
  • Skoal Bandit & Crusher 2018 Customs By stimson122

    0.4 Thought I might as well upload these for anyone who wants them. Not perfect, just 2 customs I wanted to put together. Blender work, paint - me Chassis - Outlawed Rollbar - Diggerfan Skoal Bandit Body - TaurusRacer13 Engine, Fuel Cell - fernBurn Everything else - SM community. Anyone is free to use this truck in any leagues or fun runs that allow customs, just message me on here first so I know! Enjoy!
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