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Monster Jam Speedsters for the latest version of Rigs of Rods.  Speedsters work using skinzips, so you must have the base pack downloaded before adding additional skins to your game.

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  1. @Edy and I have been working on this for a little bit. They're pretty fun.
    @Edy did a lot of the changes to the original model to make it better represent the Monster Jam Speedsters. 
    This node beam was built completely from scratch by  @Edy and I, with @DannyMackey providing assistance with the submesh, and @Wambo assisting early on in the project. 
    Installation Directions 
    Install Speedsters.zip and MJSpeedsterSkins.skinzip to your mods folder or whatever subfolder you install your vehicles to. Make sure to keep the two files separate. 
    How to make your own Speedster Skins
    -Download SpeedsterTemplate.zip
    -Open SpeedsterProps-Template.png in a photo editing software of your choice and create your own skins and part colors using the provided bake and prop colors sheet
    -Rename "Template" to the name of your vehicle. 
    -Open (VehicleName)Speedster.skin
    -Change every instance of (Vehicle Name) to the name of your vehicle. Make sure to remove parenthesis
     -Make sure that the 2nd texture listed under the "replaceTexture" section matches the name of your SpeedsterProps texture
    -Create a zip with your SpeedsterProps texture, preview image, and .skin file
    -Rename the .zip extension to .skinzip
    -Place the .skinzip in your mods folder, of whatever sub folder you install your vehicles to
    Node Beam - @AaronLurieand @Edy
    Body and Chassis Modifications - @Edyand @AaronLurie
    Rims Model and Texture - @Edy
    Tire Texture - @Edy
    ISP Seat - @Steele
    Dashboard and Steering Wheel - @AaronLurie
    Driver - @Wambo
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  2. No way a speedster holy cow
  3. I just wanted to make a speedster that would complement the original monster truck.
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  4. The pack comes with:
    Bad Company Speedster
    Bad Company ICE Speedster
    Fast Metal Speedster
    Feel free to use any of my custom speedsters in any event! That's why they're here after all!
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  5. 2nd speedster. Is it good? Meh.
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  6. Yea.
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  7. Monster Jam is back!
    Jurassic Attack but its smaller and has no horns.
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  8. Bounty Hunter but as a speedster
  9. yeah woo

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