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  1. Alan Manriquez Discord: GeraldRulez Monster Energy F-150/Coty (2015)
  2. Does not want to work. It still only loads the terrain. Nevermind. Got it. Thank you!
  3. I'll try that out. Thanks for the info guys! I'll comment back if I still seem to have an issue Ok, so everything seems to be working fine for me but now it's not letting me load vehicles. It only allows me to load terrains but not vehicles.
  4. Hi, So I've tried downloading the latest version of Rigs of Rods but when I installed it, the skeleton pack does not appear. So I am not able to install trucks and tracks into the game.
  5. Thanks! It's much appreciated.
  6. How do I get 0.4 ?
  7. Hello everyone, I am new to RoR and Sim Monsters and would like to play with others (i.e fun runs or leagues) but how does it all work? Especially since I am running 0.37.