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  1. IRWIN Tools Night Race at Bristol Pick em

    Gobby RORdan Segan Rmith
  2. Oh, my god..

    Why in the blue flipping hell did you post that?
  3. XBOX Controller Help

    I know the map,but when I get ingame,I turn it on,it doesn't work from there.Is there a way to fix that?
  4. keep me in your thoughts guys

    Thats a scary thought.I know its not rare,but,ya,You ares in my thoughts.
  5. keep me in your thoughts guys

    I've had a close call with a SUV going up a hill and me going down a hill going 30 and I dodged it and hit the curb.Boy was that not fun with 8 double stitches in one knee and the other just road rash.It is not fun one bit with wrecks.
  6. Oh, my god..

  7. She said yes!

    Not everyone would just put out that they are engaged on Sim-Monsters
  8. She said yes!

    Congrats.Even though its kinda weird posting here but congrats?
  9. Pure Michigan 400 driver pick

    Casey Mears. Gamble of the year right der.
  10. New Laptop

    I have a: Gateway Model: NV51 Processor: Pentium Dual-Core CPU T4500 # 2.30GHz RAM: 4000 Its really good for an 09' comp,but it slows down massively if you get enough stuff on it.If all your gonna download is stuff for RoR your gonna have like,no lag.But ya,it ages
  11. Trucks for next pack?

    Taurus and Sting
  12. I'd rather take a lifetime supply of strawberry lemonade for life.
  13. tanner fousts rally car

    Tom,No offence But how in the blue hell are you 14 when your IQ is as good as a 4 year olds?
  14. Show Your Projects Chapter 15!

    I layed an egg I was so happy someone was making Detour.
  15. Slender Man Game

    I played it at 3 in the morning no lights on.I practically pissed myself