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  1. please help!!!

    it worked dude thanks for the help!!
  2. please help!!!

    yes the base v4. I have downloaded a few trucks on 0.4.7 and they lag a little bit. But when I use son uva digger from the base v4 pack all you can see is the right side tires. im gonna try and see if redownloading helps
  3. please help!!!

    so all I do is just redownload it? im brand new and all I planned on using for a while was v4
  4. please help!!!

    Then why is the trucks in the V4 pack invisible?
  5. please help!!!

    where do I go to download 0.4.5 or 0.4.6?
  6. please help!!!

    Where do I go to download 0.4.5 or 0.4.6?
  7. Need help!!!!

    everytime I try to download .37 or .4 or .4.1 nothing works I mean the menu won't even pop. I can't find no where to download anything right. I'm brand new
  8. please help!!!

    this is what I have done from start to finish. I went to rigs of rods and downloaded the newest download they had I went to this site and downloaded a track moved it to terrains I downloaded some trucks and moved them to vehicles. I would go to rigs of rods and click on the track and it would come up but all I could do is walk around with the character when I went to a already built track like penguinville or some track called like that I would walk over to this open door and then I would have all these regular cars and truck to choose and the few trucks I had downloaded. I could drive the truck I have already downloaded. so I downloaded the v4 base pack and move it to pack. I went to a track that I had downloaded and nothing changed. but I could go to that penguinville track and I saw all the trucks that were downloaded and the few I selected were either invisible or the only thing you would see was two tires and that is it. I do not know what clear and regen the cashe means. I saw a cashe folder and that is it. I know this may seem aggravating to the people trying to help and im sorry but I just simply don't know what to do. this is track I downloaded I need all the help I can get guys.
  9. please help!!!

    when I read other forums and people say zip I have no clue what they are talking about. I don't know what clear and regen the cashe means. I need babysteps. the only thing I have done is downloaded the v4 basepack and extract it and move it to packs
  10. please help!!!

    the tracks that are already downloaded when you download rig of rods they say zip archive and the ones that I have downloaded say something like unpacked directory or something like that does that have to do with anything?
  11. please help!!!

    and I appreciate you guys helping me
  12. please help!!!

    so I downloaded the pack and extracted it like the ones I have been doing and I moved it to the pack and then I click on the track and same thing. what am I missing? I am just so confused. are you saying that the truck I have downloaded I move to the pack or what?
  13. please help!!!

    when I download a truck I drag the folder to the vehicle folder and that's it
  14. please help!!!

    0.4 I can bring up the track but I cant drive anything. do I need to download a pack or anything?
  15. please help!!!

    I can pick a track but I cant pick a truck and I have downloaded 2 trucks im new