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Sim Monsters
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Job Listings and Availability

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Job Listings/Available Spots Include:
Dylan Bernier (Owner)
Daniel Simon
Zach Nicholas
Andrew Sheets
(No More Available)
Officials: (Includes Judging, Timing, RII man, Being in the skype call)
Dylan Bernier
Daniel Simon (Will not be here full season)
Andrew Sheets
Zach Nicholas
Alex Steinhaus
(Positions Available)
Video Production:
Daniel (Wont be here whole season)
Alex Steinhaus
(Positions In desperate Need)
Track Makers: (Must be all 2014 Replicas)
Dylan Bernier
Daniel Simon
(Positions Open)
How to apply:
Message ME @ monsterdylan4018 on aim or on my facebook account https://www.facebook.com/dylanshub101
Blank Application
Why you would be good for the job:
References (Optional): 

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