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This is a replica of the January 9, 1999 USHRA Monster Jam event at the Kingdome, in Seattle, WA.

The lineup for this event included:

-Bear Foot (Mike Dropik)

-Captain America (Jeff Bainter)

-Grave Digger #12 (Dennis Anderson)

-Jurassic Attack (Kevin Weenk)

-Maniac (Don Frankish)

-Monster Patrol (Rod Schmidt)

-Obsession (Byron Halverson)

-Samson (Dan Patrick)

-Survivor (Chuck Jordan)

-Wild Thing (Marvin Anderson)


Stadium - DiggerFan

Junk Cars - Casey Graves

Ramps - DiggerFan

Signs/Banners - DiggerFan

Poles - DiggerFan

Dirt Textures - Casey Graves, chalk lines & recolouring by DiggerFan

Tarp Textures - Casey Graves, recoloured by DiggerFan

Crowd Textures - Casey Graves

Other Stadium Textures - DiggerFan

Also, thanks to Roach for testing this track.

If I forgot anyone, please notify me as soon as possible.

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Seattle, WA. 1999. This was the first show I watched after I discovered that TNN was finally showing monster trucks again in the form of Motor Madness Monster Jam after having watched, and been without Trucks and Tractor Power for years. I instantly fell in love with Dennis again (as the only show I ever saw Dennis and Digger on tv was Anaheim 1991 with the Z course), and was hooked on Digger, the rest of the drivers, trucks and Monster Jam. The rest of my family joined in on watching Monster Jam, with my dad sharing about as much enthusiasm for seeing the trucks and drivers perform as I did.


Seeing this track forever immortalized in RoR form is truly special.


I always say that when replicating a venue, that the look and feel of the venue/track is the most important, if not the most difficult thing to achieve. You sir have achieved the look and feel of this venue in spades. From the Arena model, the colors and textures of the track/signage/poles, to the tiniest details like the graphics on Spanky's stunt jump, or the crushed starting line pole.


For the actual track's working, the ramps are detailed and the trucks launch off these jumps and cars smoothly and easily. It's quite a lot of fun to do some old school freestyling on.


This track is truly a treat, and an amazing recreation of the actual venue. I haven't even spoken off the offroad version. That itself is a wonderfully made replica and a fun track to drive an offroad truck or monster truck on.


Overall, this is a truly brilliant masterpiece. I hope you continue making more of these classic venues, because this is top notch stuff! Well done!

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