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Perpetual Destruction (Old) 1.0.0

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About This File


  • Driven by me because it's a custom.
  • Made in 2016.
  • It's a custom so you get the idea.

Has been tested in 0.4 to be a standalone.

New version coming soon.

Meh first custom! My "Cancer Funky Blacksmith" was more of a repli-custom. I had come up with the name in LeMaddog's thread about what I would drive in real life. I doubt I'll get permission from Marilyn Manson to run a truck called "Snake Eyes and Sissies" so might as well kill the idea now while it's unconscious.


  • Me - Paint, flag texture, chassis assembly, body assembly, prop movement
  • rockgod88 - Shocks, driveshafts, original .truck file (from GMG)
  • SM - Props
  • FernBurn - Axles, links
  • Klayton - Tires, rims

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