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POWERTRAX Electric Series (Beta Preview | 0.37-0.39.7) 0002

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About This File

This is the second truck/track beta preview of the POWERTRAX electric monster truck series. It includes two tracks, and three trucks with road tires -- one from each brand. The tracks are compatible with versions 0.37-0.39.7, although the trucks are compatible with newer versions as well. In the future, the entire series will work with 0.37 and up.







I consider these to be Stage 3.5 racing trucks (with an all-new type of futuristic MT, Stage 4, on the drawing board). The handling and speed of these trucks are not entirely realistic by today's electric monster (BIGFOOT 20, which is underpowered and heavy), but rather are balanced between what the future could hold if monster trucks had Formula 1/WEC team budgets to explore new technologies and materials, and simply being fun and challenging to drive from a gaming perspective. They are (purposely) difficult to drive, and although each brand is somewhat different in terms of handling characteristics, it is entirely possible for each to achieve near-identical results using any of them. Results will depend on your driving style. Remember, sometimes slower is faster.


The two tracks included are rounds 02 & 05 -- 02 is all concrete, while 05 is a mixture of asphalt and mud. Because round 05 is a combination of different surfaces, either dirt/mud or road tires can be used (the first preview pack includes three trucks with dirt/mud tires); it really depends on which portion of the track you feel most confident on. The start/finish posts have "lights" on the top -- green is for start while red is for finish (see photos below).


Round 02:



Round 05:



As for rules of racing (that I like to use), the lines and posts are there for a reason. At least two tires must remain within the racing lines at all times, providing the truck doesn't benefit in lap time, e.g. two tires over lines to cut a corner is not acceptable, while two tires leaving an outside line or coming off a jump is. All four tires must hit the jumps.


Some notes:

  • Because this series was not originally intended to be released, each track only has a single lane for single truck runs.
  • There are no motor sounds as of yet & there might be minor texture/alignment issues with trucks/tracks
  • All of the textures were made to be used in Caelum sky mode, and although Sandstorm will work, it might not look pleasing to the eye.
  • Each brand (and truck) have different handling characteristics, these three trucks best represent each brand.


Instructions for use:

  • Extract the ZIPs from the main one (POWERTRAX Beta 0002 - 2017-01-28.zip). I advise keeping them in the ZIPs. If you decide to extract them to a folder, DO NOT put everything in one folder as certain files might be overwritten!

  • Place them where you would put your normal trucks and tracks, or make a POWERTRAX folder. It's up to you.

  • Go racing!



  • Helen Weales -- everything except for the following (all of which were modified):
    • Straker shocks & (parts of) the frame - Outlawed
    • Seats - Crazyman444
    • Driver bodies - Racing Sim Developers Group

Apologies if I left anyone out, I started this project three years ago!


I hope everyone enjoys this preview, and I would love to hear your thoughts!


What's New in Version 0002   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

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