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PENNZOIL Fuel Injection Pack! 1.0.0

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About This File

About this truck:

  • Fuel Injection is a truck owned by Matthew Tyrrell (LordFrosting) and was created by myself.
  • The truck runs a HEMI engine and PEI chassis. The body paint is semi-based off of the PENNZOIL Skyline raced in the All Japan Grand Touring Cup.
  • PENNZOIL signed a contract with Matthew and the truck became PENNZOIL Fuel Injection.
  • Perpetual Destruction II and PENNZOIL Fuel Injection share the same chassis as they were originally going to be touring partners, it is currently unknown if it will remain that way.

About this pack:

     PENNZOIL Fuel Injection was an idea I had that sort of related to the JGTC PENNZOIL Skyline car raced in 1995-2000. It was originally going to be a touring partner of and in a pack with Perpetual Destruction II. LordFrosting expressed interest in the truck so he is now the permanent driver and owner of the name. It shares the same chassis as Perpetual Destruction II, which will debut later this month as long as the body is completed on time.


  • PENNZOIL Fuel Injection
  • PENNZOIL Fuel Injection (BKT)
  • PENNZOIL Fuel Injection (Qualifying)


  • Me: Chassis and body modification, prop development, .truck file edits, node/beam, rim repainting, lexan (no frontal lexan 'cus I'm a savage), default driver texture, paint, swaybar paint
  • Nicholas Kozak: Chassis (based off of the PEI Backwards Bob frame)
  • Klayton Halog: Body
  • John Dough: Tires
  • Blaise Zantinge: Original node/beam (I had edited the Blacksmith node/beam so technically the original is still the Gold Max-D), shocks
  • Sim-Monsters: Other Props


This pack is 100% STANDALONE! It does not need to be extracted into the V4 pack, nor does it need any added textures. It is also compatible with both 0.37 and 0.4, as I've tested it in both and everything seems to work flawlessly.

This is NOT an open custom. You must ask LordFrosting if you can use this truck in leagues or events.

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