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Monster Truck Madness: Castrol Speedway 2017 1.0.0

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About This File

This is the second track I have done. The next track I will attempt will be a replica track but for now let me know what you think of this track!

Works on: 0.37/.38/.39/.4


Castrol Speedway 3D Model: Edy

Track Model: Me

Export: Me

Track Textures: Me

If I forgot anyone please tell me!


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2 hours ago, MomTeents said:

For some reason, backflip is not working and the ground keeps flashing white 

The ground flashing I have no clue I thought I fixed that. Backflip ramp is currently being worked on.

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3 minutes ago, lilacwarrior4 said:

It isn't working for me. It says sky box material not found. 

try downloading simple terrain

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6 minutes ago, lilacwarrior4 said:

Where would i find simple terrain to download?

should come with the game but ill dig up a link


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22 hours ago, monsterjam9876 said:

then dont use .37 lol

Sure. That's a productive retort. If the content creator flat out says it works in 0.37, it should work in 0.37. Correct? 

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