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Easy track to do since the model was already made, all I did was re-texture it and edit some of the foxborough ramps.  Tried something new with the .odef file, there are some fun slippery spots on the track ;) 







Whoever made the stadium model.  Let me know and I'll add you if you want.

This track is .37 and .4 compatible.  If there are any issues with it let me know below of PM me and I will try and fix them, enjoy!

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9 hours ago, Sterling_Mustang said:

Where are these slippery spots? I can't seem to find them!!

The corners where the "mud" was pushed up out of the turns, and also the top of the hybrid pad.  By the time the two wheel skill competition rolled around the track was mostly dry, just a little slick so I used the sand sdtfriction for the whole track mesh, but on the elevated mud parts and the top of the hybrid dirt pad I used the sdtfriction of ice because those parts of the track were extremely slick through out the duration of the show

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