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The wait is finally over!!!!! After a long time of working on this track, and getting the bugs worked out, the completed track is here for you guys to enjoy! I'd like to thank everyone for all the support for this track and all the suggestions to make it better. This has been my biggest project thus far, and I'm glad to be finished with this track. Huge thanks goes to my friends and beta testers for all the feedback I got to make this track as good as I can make it. Before anyone asks, no, there's not a Blacksmith in the dumpsters as it will add verts and won't even have the right paint scheme back when Pablo drove it in the actual event. Thank you again for everything and enjoy World Finals 2!!!!!!!! :D


Cars/Obstacles- RockCrwlr

Toolkit Placement- Blair Lockhart

Texturing/Car Placement- Me

Beta Testers- Josh Gajewski, Blair Lockhart, Aaron Lurie, Julio Vellon, Mason Watts, Devin Doss, Jack Merkle, thank you guys for the testing!

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Not bad. I think it may have been better if it didn't have that skybox since the repetition is very noticeable. 

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It was my 1st time trying out a skybox, and I didn't know what to expect on the outcome. Hopefully I can improve the skybox textures as I make more tracks. 

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