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So here is the revamped San Diego 2013. I know that there are still things that can be made better with this new version, but it is much better then the first once. Hope you guys enjoy it.


Klayton - Car textures, car models, dirt texture

Casey - Stadium model (i believe

Sim Monsters - Textures in the Stadium model

If i forgot someone, I'm sorry

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Great track, 4 stars, only problem is the turning jumps can't be crossed up. I wasn't at san diego show so idk know for sure. But at the other so cal tracks the jumps were.

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So PC, No photo, No download. So that means you don't have wf14 beta or Tacoma 2012 beta because of no photo?????

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well i knew rock's stuff is good, but other than that, no, why would i

MonsterJamCod is really good, just because there is no picture doesnt mean no download

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