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ORL Figure 8 Shootout @ Mankato Speedway

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Mankato Speedway is yet another track that I first created in MTM2. At the time, it was created/set in the 1980’s Renegades TNT Monster Truck Challenge era. Inspiration came from watching the Renegades TNT Monster Truck Challenge at Toledo Ohio. The original track hosted three different versions of racing: Drag, U-Turn (J-Turn) and of course, Figure 8.

I had wanted to bring the track to RoR, and in doing so, bring it back with a modern day setting. Before I began construction of the track, Mark Colineri offered me the wonderful opportunity to construct a challenging Figure 8 track for his ORL league. All Mark wanted was for it to be of a Figure 8 layout, and for it to be a driver’s course. Thus, I offered up Mankato to play host to the ORL for this event.

During construction, I enlisted JR Seasock to help with freestyle obstacle ideas/forms, and course layout. Eventually this lead to JR being enlisted into the DTC. This is our first track that we have created together. We brainstormed ideas, and JR greatly helped in this tracks development. From realizing the octagonal hit, to the creative idea of the triangular bus obstacle. Even down to the light poles that dot the track. JR played a heavy roll in this track’s development. It’s because of his help that this track is as good as it is.

Proudly, Mankato Speedway hosts the ORL Figure 8 Shootout!

Mirror 1 Should be the full version of the track. Mirror 2 Should be the LOW LAG version.


Track construction: Me.

Stands: Constructed by Me.

Light poles: Constructed by Me.

Billboards: Constructed by Me.

Fencing: Constructed by Me. Textures from the RoR Repository. Fence code provided by Mitch Bumpass and edited by Me.

ORL Start Line: Me. ORL Logo by Mark Colineri.

Mankato Speedway Logo: Me.

Crowd textures: Rock Crwler edited by me.

Concrete/Cement/Grass track textures: Me.

Concrete/Cement stands textures: Google edited by Me.

Pressbox: Casey Graves edited by Me.

Cars/vans/Busses: Casey Graves and Liquid Fire, Mark Colineri, Rock Crwler.

Box truck: ARF edited by Me.

RV: Rock Crwler.

Signs: Me.

NGK Spark Plugs Logo: Liquid Fire.

DTC Logo: Jason Lloyd edited by Me.

Special thanks:

Mark Colineri: For the amazing opportunity to supply him with a Figure track for his league. It allowed me to construct an amazing venue full of life, personality, real-world look/feel, and to bring Mankato from a 1980’s era in MTM2 to a modern day depiction in RoR.

JR Seasock. For being such an incredible voice in this tracks development. From the realization of the octagonal hit, the triangular bus stack, the light poles and so much more. JR’s innovative and creative ideas helped to craft this track into the wild, fun and crazy event that it is.

Thanks to the beta team:

Mark Colineri

JR Seasock

Robbie Milburn

And to everyone who was involved or played a part in the making of this track. Thank you!

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