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  1. I saw someone comment if this accident was "planned." I have no idea why someone would think this kind of accident would have been planned.
  2. Oh, I thought they rescheduled the first Atlanta show to this weekend. My bad
  3. Well, the Falcons won their playoff game and the Cowboys lost so that means the Falcons get a home playoff game next weekend. Monster Jam will need to reschedule this show or just cancel it.
  4. Well, FELD is shutting down Ringling Bros Circus. I think FELD's budget cuts are a lot more serious than we thought. This, combined with the all of the cuts MJ has taken this year is interesting. This is confirmed by Ringling Bros Twitter. I think there is a possibility MJ could be bought out again, although it is probably unlikely.
  5. Marc doesn't really tear up his body as often as some of the drivers though. The TTS drivers tear up those bodies much more often thab Marc does.
  6. Lenny Kuilder said on Instagram that he won't be driving for this first quarter. I don't think he is really stepping away from driving for good, just not doing much driving anymore in general.
  7. How is the body he is using not the WF 11 one?
  8. My opinions on the new schemes: I like Iron Outlaw, has a lot of new stuff and is very reminiscent of the old 2006-2011 design. Bounty Hunter and Scarlet Bandit are neat, I like the older designs more but the new designs are still pretty awesome. Bounty Hunter's font also looks a lot like if not the same one used from 2000-2003. Snake Bite looks awesome, again, I prefer the older design but the new design isn't bad by any means. Barbarian is nice, new twist on a somewhat older scheme. I like Basher but at the same time I don't. I like seeing Kevin Lewis back and apparently he put on a crazy show tonight, but the truck does not look as good as some of the other ones, like Quad Chaos or Bad News. It looks unfinished and rushed. Hopefully a new design comes out later, I just feel like the truck was not done by the time first quarter rolled around. I see what they're going for with the look and the name, I just feel there's other ways to do it. Still awesome seeing Kevin Lewis back though. I think Wrecking Crew is very unnecessary. The original design was very simple yet not boring, and I don't see why they needed to add the red to the back of the truck. It also makes the red font a little hard to read (I'm not saying it is not readable. It is readable, just fades in too much). I prefer the older scheme. I don't mean to sound so negative on this one, I guess I just don't like it.
  9. Yeahhhh. Monster Trucks does not look good just by the trailer. It is a huge misconception and I feel like the movie kind of makes actual monster truck competition look a bit more, I don't know, childish or something like that. I feel like the idea behind the film isn't great either. I don't plan on seeing it, waste of money in my eyes. Maybe it'll be good though, time will tell. I wont agree with you on all January movies being bad, though. There's a new M Night Shyamalan movie coming out in January called Split, it's about this dude who has 23 personalities and the acting by this guy is phenomenal. I know M Night movies has a tendency of being bad, but this one looks really good. I'm just going off of trailers, though. Could be another bust.
  10. I used to do a lot of that website. I made a lot of pages. People started getting hold of the pages and now a lot of info is wrong or flat out not true.
  11. That's one of FELD's biggest improvements over the last 3 years. I remember before 2015 when arena shows were basically one level above a low-budget fairground show. There might have been one rollover per weekend. FELD completely turned that around and arena shows offer the same excitement as a stadium show does. I'll also credit them on finding drivers that pick up driving these trucks so quickly, arena shows really offer more entertainment than they used to.
  12. Monster Jam Officials have changed the shirt they've been using since the 90s. Instead of a shirt with a black and white checker stripe going down diagonal with black beneaththe stripe and red above it, it's now a half black-half yellow shirt with a big USHRA logo on the back. I liked the old ones but at least we get USHRA logos still.
  13. Ben Kelley AIM: thetruckguy12@aim.com Discord: bkelley Truck: Wrenchead 2001
  14. Are they losing their Firestone sponsorship? I know they wouldn't want to.