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    Salinas Monster Jam*DAY CHANGE*

    Wow, AIM is not working. Sorry, may have to drop out if i can't get this fixed by 6:00.
  2. WWEFan14

    Salinas Monster Jam*DAY CHANGE*

    Collin McNaught Monster Mutt Dalmation morgan890_collin@aol.com
  3. WWEFan14

    1997 Monster Truck Madness Gaming Challenge

    For the "best on the world", they were swerving all over the place.
  4. Practically the point of Path of Destruction. "We want the 'stars' of MJ to be there!"
  5. Almost any night on the weekend, but I may get Sunday to work.
  7. I /sadly/ know so many. Honestly, I remember watching Monster Jam since about '03 or '04. (One of the first shows I remember seeing was Minny 03.) I never jumped on the "GRAVE DIGGER ROOLZZZ!!!!!" or "YAY MAX-D!!!!!" bandwagons. I was a fan of Tony Farell, then Lupe, then Team Scream. Heck, even Tom jumping his old house didn't get me hooked. The only MJ merchandise I've purchased has been 2 yearbooks and about 100 diecasts (I'm a collector). Nowadays, I watch old Monsters on Yootoob, along with my TMBTV. One day, Feld will come to their senses. But for now, vote logically. Just my 0.02$.
  8. >no Futurama, Powerpuff Girls, ABBA or Elton John >cries In all seriousness, some of these ideas are quite cool. The airplane would be awesome if someone like Kreg Christensen was put in it, the Dog Catcher could feud with the Monster Mutt team (Hey, they are catering to kids), the Police Car could be a remodeled Monster Patrol, and Fox Racing is quite popular. However, I will be voting for serious options like Chicken Nuggets and Thomas the Tank Engine.
  9. WWEFan14

    St. Louis 2006

    The racing style you are looking for is "Chicago-style".
  10. Me either. I've got Wrestlemania tonight.
  11. WWEFan14

    Who is your favorite driver?

    Indie: Rob French FELD: Chris Bergeron Overall: Two words. Allen. Pezo.
  12. WWEFan14

    When have you been shown on speed or on a DvD?

    Yet to be noticed in the Worcester photo albums.
  13. WWEFan14

    Fail Pictures

    We are gathered here today to mourn the loss of Mr. David Smith.
  14. WWEFan14

    Is monster jam on any other channels?

    Sadly, the 2 best commentators we ever had have eother gone to wrestling (Mike Hodgewood) or passed away (Joe Lowe).
  15. WWEFan14

    Hot Wheels 2000-2003/4

    Those are the ones!