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  1. World Finals XVII Discussion

    ^This EDIT:Sorry for double post
  2. World Finals XVII Discussion

    Ryan got 30.5. Adam wins freestyle this year. TBH was hoping for Ryan to win
  3. World Finals XVII Discussion

    I thought that too lol! Also it's a skateboard trick not too similar to what Cam did.
  4. World Finals XVII Discussion

    EDIT: Thnx. What time should we be looking for the stream? Info will be helpful to those of us who don't know. Post to whatever timezone you know, I will figure it out. Thnx I'll stop clogging your thread with my ignorance now
  5. World Finals XVII Discussion

    Does anyone know if they are livestreaming, and if you do find out, will there be a link posted?
  6. Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" Thread 2015

    Because crushing cars was totally not the foundation of the monster struck sport in the 1st place... :/
  7. PSN Usernames

    lookin4myscooter/KatherinesDD GTA V-lookin4myscooter/KatherinesDD Project Cars-lookin4myscooter/KatherinesDD BF 4-lookin4myscooter/KatherinesDD DC Universe-lookin4myscooter The Crew-lookin4myscooter Dragon Ball Xenoverse-KatherinesDD Mortal Kombat X-KatherinesDD
  8. Monster Jam World Finals 8

    "In recent world news, the entire planet has come to peace as local hero "LordFrosting" has disclosed the location of the legendary "WF 8" track file. This gem has been hidden from the human race for eons. Many have died in search of this jewel, and now many may rest in peace in it's finding. LordFrosting had this to say..." (Insert LordFrosting's soon to be made comment here)
  9. Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" Thread 2015

    Oh Nice! Took me a minute to notice the truck back there lol! But the truck is nice too! Aside from the trophy body it reminds of 90's Bigfoot. I', pretty sure that was the goal. NOTE: To those informing me the Becky still drives, thanks. I didn't really catch the #More Monster Jam shows on YouTube this year, so that explains why I never saw her lol! I am a fan and she has had some impressive moments for being a somewhat rookie driver. (Idk when she started).
  10. Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" Thread 2015

    Don't forget about Becky McDonough. She's generally been pretty impressive. Where is she anyway? She still drive?
  11. Official Monster Truck "Silly Season" Thread 2015

    I like how they have the space for those "on the fly" obstacles like a car stack, van stack or RV, but I agree with maxdman, more could have been done, like placing the long dirt on the opposite side like a more traditional track making for better flow between "air" and "ground" based stunts. Maybe put that smaller obstacle next to the dirt ramp. Also, the crooked set up leaves little room for turning and corrections, and leaving much to be desired from a productive standpoint.
  12. World Finals XVI Discussion

    I had a dream last night that Neil won Racing, so, I'm sure you can guess my vote... Neil FTW! (you see what I did there?)
  13. Monster Jam World Finals 16 Predictions

    That is the funniest thing I've ever heard anybody say about anything in my entire life!
  14. World Finals XVI Discussion

    Not sure if "WF XVI Discussion" thread or "Lupe vs Mark" thread. Also, glad to see Becky get it. She's one of my favorite drivers.
  15. Let this sink in...

    Congrats dude!