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  1. Brandonh619

    Making tracks

    I've been on RoR for about a year now and I want to start making tracks if someone can tell me how to make them that would be great.
  2. Brandonh619

    Mad Scientist Breakable (0.4 Compatible)

    The truck doesn't want to load for me
  3. Brandonh619

    Converting trucks

    I want to know if you can convert trucks form .37 to .4 and if so how?
  4. Brandonh619

    Help me

    Ok how do i upgrade to .39 if you know how to?
  5. Brandonh619

    Help me

    I just got RoR .37 and i am trying to figure out how to remove a truck and get a new one if someone can tell me that would be great.
  6. Brandonh619

    I need help

    Everytime I use F2 it just lowers my brightness
  7. Brandonh619

    I need help

    Hello My name is Brandon and I am new to RoR. I was wondering if someone can tell me the controls to the rear steering for the monster trucks. If someone can help I would appreciate it.