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V4 Monster Trucks

Monster trucks for the latest version of Rigs of Rods.  Trucks in this category should be standalone unless stated otherwise, the V4 pack should not be required for this content.

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  1. It's finally here! After just over a year of work from mostly me, CLNGames, and many others, starting all the way back in May 2021, Werewolf N/B (Nodebeam) goes public. The most fun V4 breakables on the site! 
    These trucks aren’t meant to be 100% new or totally accurate, although sometimes I end up going a little overboard. Trying to keep WNB creation low-stress is surprisingly difficult, hence why the server was private for a while. From now on, truck-making may be a little slower, but we’ll still be here once motivation to continue making more trucks come. The download page will have an update shown, but if you want first-screenshots and more detailed updates, join the discord server to post your WNB screenshots and maybe play with others.
    Discord Link: https://discord.gg/TkmEfpUDv7
    Here’s the breakdown on everything WNB has added, ignoring the truck-specific additions:
    Tweakable Swaybars Bendable 4links (Nodebeam Only) Tie-Rod Breakage (Nodebeam Only) Steering Ram Breakage Stronger Flag Node w/ Easy Releases Bendable Champagnes (Difficult) Deflatable Tires (Can Still Deform With Enough Pressure) Shock Overcompression Breakage (Nitrogen Release) Collidable Cradle & Tires Working Bumpstops Stronger Bodies Which Deform Full Axle Housing Detatchment Driveshaft Breakage/Hanging Working Axleshaft Breakage (Shows Like Planetary Breakage Online) There may be some more in-depth parts that need a button to be pressed or held down, like the Anderson Team’s door or Avenger II’s Shock Adjusters. These will always be on one of the ‘function’ keys. If you need help, just press CTRL+T and the controls will be shown.
    If you want to see these parts in action, I made a video following the last year of trucks that have been made for WNB.
    Werewolf N/B - Official Promo Video
    .On the WNB sheet, there is a “Global Credits” section, where most of the more general credits will go.
    .On every truck’s row, there’s an ‘OG Uploader’ section with the uploader of the original truck (or major parts used for said truck) on Sim-Monsters. 
    .There are also credits for whoever made/edited each WNB truck. The first name is always whoever first started the project.
    Pancakeman - Creating the Breakable Beta Pack back in 2013, which aided in making the bendable 4links and swaybars.

    SealedGecko - Planting the seeds for this idea all the way back in November 2019, talking about a project I found of a similar caliber back in 2014:
    SealedGecko's 2014 Poppable Tires Test

    Hydro: Experimenting with me on the original 2014 deflatable tires .truck in May 2021.

    CLNGames: Creating/starting many of the big-name trucks like GD20, Avenger II, Monster Energy, along with beginning the Wilman/Meents, Racesource and CRC Chassis/Nodebeams. 

    Sean Ryan - Making the Werewolf N/B Logo.
    And massive thanks to everyone else that’s helped along the way, from my testers and friends to the people I trusted, for enjoying WerewolfN/B. I sincerely hope you have fun.
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  2. Most of these projects were started between 2017-2018 but were scrapped because i didn't like them (or because my old laptop decided to die), however because of quarantine i decided to give them a second chance and bring them back, they turned out way better this time...

    This was originally supposed to be uploaded as one single zip, but based on what most people said, i decided to separate it into multiple zips so people can download what they want.

    Big shoutout to Bryant, Garrett, Mason, Terron, Jack Meredith, Marty, Danny, Chris B, P3ForLife and to those who i forgot for helping!.

    If theres any major issue, make sure to let me know!

    The packs included are:

    2xtreme Racing Pack 1999-2021 (PEI) <2xtremeRacing trucks that ran on a PEI chassis from 1999 to 2021 (including season trucks to one-time schemes for special events like WF).

    2xtreme Racing Pack 2011-2021 (CRD) <2xtremeRacing trucks that ran on a CRD chassis from 2011 to 2021.

    2xtreme Racing Pack 2018-2021 (Hybrid BH) <Jimmy's Bounty Hunter since 2018.

    Avenger II Chassis Pack 2008-2021 < Jim Koehler's truck from 2008 to 2017, including Season and WF schemes, also includes the different identities this chassis ran until 2021 (such as Axe, Rage, Monster Mutt, etc).

    Bad Habit 2006-2009 Pack <Joe Sylvester's original Bad Habit from 2006 to 2009.

    Barthel Original Chassis Pack 1994-2004 <Originally Don Van Loo's Magnum Force, mostly known for becoming the first Little Tiger chassis.

    Blue Thunder 2001-2011 Pack (PEI) <From Lyle Hanc0ck's 2001 debut truck to Todd Leduc's truck from 2011, includes pretty much every Blue Thunder on a PEI Chassis.

    Del Scorcho 2006 <yeah taco truck im hungry.

    El Toro Loco 2006-2009 Pack (Soza) <Lupe Soza's ETL from 2006 to 2009, includes the PEI bulldozer from 2007-8 and also the debut Grinder from late 2009.

    Just Get-Er-Done 2008-2011 Pack <Mitch tulachka's truck from 2008 to 2011, includes the Chile 2008 truck. Might be updated in the future adding more schemes.

    Grave Digger 23 2011-2017 Pack <CVH's 2011-2016 truck and Tyler Menninga's first truck in 2017. 

    HotWheels 2002-2006 Pack (PEI) <The hotwheels trucks that ran mostly on europe.

    Monster Energy & Mutant 2012-2021 Pack <Pretty much every Monster Energy/Mutant truck that existed except the original 2012 PEI version.

    Sobe & Firemouth 2002-2003 Pack <Sobe & Firemouth, yes

    Sting & Vette King 2000-2006 <The Vette trucks, mhm

    Straight Up Racing Pack <Most of the trucks from the SUR team up to this point, includes Identity Theft, Jailbreak, Honda Generators High Voltage, Skeletor, Reverse Racer, Tough Guy, Canadian Tough Guy, American Bada$$, American Muscle, Beast Mode & El Bandito. Might have an update in the future adding more trucks from the team.

    Taurus 4 Chassis 1993-2007 Pack <Tom Meents's original truck, this includes Taurus 1993, Monster Patrol 1993-1998, Bulldozer 1999-2006, nWo 2000, El Toro Loco 2001-2004, HotWheels 2004-2006, Bob & Tom 2006.
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  3. Decided to update to the LF4 N/B. it was a fun process.
    The old one is still up if anyone wants it. it just looks worse and handles differently
    it listed as replicustom because i wanted to get it out fast, it now worst truck on here : (
  4. Don't you just love it when a plan comes together? - Mr Puzzles
    One Of The New Devilish Motorsports Creations Right After The Candy Carrier Chaos Paint Schemes.
    Another GLITCH Themed Work But This Time It's Cursified Of Commerciliasim
    Meet Cursified Commercialised
    The Devilish Motorsports Custom Concept That Uses Both The Wreckreation K10 Camper And 2008 Ford Superduty Basis,
    With Tons Of Sponsors!
    Enjoy The Devilish-Vision.
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  5. My girlfriend had her  5 year old nephew over to the house yesterday and he kept asking for a Ninja Turtle game. I don't have one of those, but I've had the Raph body on the CRD for a while.

    I gave him his first taste of monster trucks and ROR yesterday. Which led to him asking for every turtle in game. THUS WAS BORN THE TMNT CRD PACK!
    nothing crazy, i just put the body on the MTL base back when that was running, then color swapped the bandanas yesterday.
  6. Original Truck Made By @Swegliner849
    If im missing any credit let me know at Pokien#7916
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  7. had this laying around idk why i didn't upload this sooner lol.
    if anyone wants to do the pinstriping for the frame hit me up on discord @broken_machine92. same goes for any missed credits
    for the record this ruck aint nowhere near a replica so its a replicustom
  8. Did this in a few hours because I was bored, edited a couple things here and there and I like it.

    hope you do too.
    Paint not allowed in any other games without permission/proper credit!
    Original truck by @JonnyZimmer
  9. On the May 4 episode of Nitro, Nash, Savage, and Konnan appeared wearing black shirts with a red nWo logo, as opposed to the familiar white logo. They called themselves nWo Wolfpac (a name which Nash had previously been using alongside Hall and Syxx to refer to themselves as a trio), and were joined in the following weeks by Curt Hennig, Miss Elizabeth, Rick Rude and Dusty Rhodes.
    Let me know if I'm missing credits.
    Original truck:
    R.I.P. Rob Knell
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  10. My first ever upload to Sim-Monsters. This is TJs Bad Company setup & Nathan Hils skin which I cropped & resized to fit, with permission, along with a few other small modifications. Obviously this isn't perfect but, a body like this is nearly impossible to accurately replicate, & overall I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. ENJOY!!!
    If I'm missing any credits lmk & I'll update it
    Special thanks/Credit to Two Three Co.

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  11. Another Fire & Ice truck on Sim-Monsters! This time we have the Grave Digger display truck at Walmart that futured a fire and ice split scheme! enjoy!
    Trucks i used for this (it should be cloned correctly) was the RORMJL Grave Digger 39 2022

  12. Had this sitting around in my mods folder so i thought i should finish it up!
    just like my last few trucks, this is only a Replicustom because there is a few things not fully accurate.
    if there are any people i missed in the credits let me know @Broken_machine92#1786 on discord
    Body and paint Is from MJST2
    truck base was made by @stimson122
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  13. This Is Basically Another One Of Those RORMJDJ Trucks That Somehow Bring In Specialties!

    Of Course The PS3 MotorStorm Truck One Of Them Aussie Monster Trucks
    Yes It includes Both 2007 And 2008 Versions That I Had Trail And Error.
    Note That This Is A Custom Replica Some Details Aren't Done Like The Actual Truck.
    (Unlike The X-Treme Truck Saying That Is Not A Ford Truck.)
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  14. As many packs to be released we get another Monster Mutt, Brutus, and Northern Nightmare on the team scream chassis. These are all the trucks to compete in Monster Jam with Chris Koehler behind the wheels
    Northern Nightmare
    Northern Nightmare originally driven by Cam McQueen from 2012 - 2019 having the 2019 All Star Challenge being on team ice be its last appearance in Monster Jam.
    Now the truck made a re-debut at Detroit in 2024 with Chris Koehler behind the wheel running the Team Scream chassis.
    The trucks i used to make this were the Northern Nightmare from the CRD pack and Avenger 2024 split scheme.
    Monster Mutt
    Monster Mutt had many drivers before the present day driver Chris Koehler like Ryan Anderson, Charlie Pauken, Todd Frolik, Bobby Z and others.
    Monster Mutt originally had a 1950 Mercury Street Rod as its body from its debut and its last years to run the body in 2015 where then in 2016 it would get a brand new 3D body to resemble a dog, later on through the years the truck would start running a Team Scream chassis with Chris Koehler being the driver.
    Trucks i used to make this were the Monster Mutt from the CRD pack and Avenger 2024 split scheme
    Brutus is a hybrid of a chevy C10 and a 3D dog body style, this specific truck unlike the other two which are Feld names, Brutus is an independent under the name Team Scream being driven by Chris Koehler and appearing in several Monster Jam events before present day, 2023 would be the last year we see Chris Koehler drive Brutus before being moved to Monster Mutt for the present day seasons.
    Trucks used for this was the Brutus 2020 from the Team Scream Racesource Pack Revamp and Avenger 2024 split scheme.
    Hope you guys enjoy this pack! (yes i know Brutus had no tailgate but im too stupid to used blender to get rid of it sooo yeah)
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  15. (REUPLOAD) Ok so the original  files weren't properly cloned sadly so it should be fixed i also fixed wild side's mini and black pearls paint on the hood
    original trucks used were wild side 2021 and black pearl 2019 and VP Mad scientist (body of black pearl)  from the FELD CRD pack (and credits again for xor for truck screenshots so i can make the paints) also i saw someone made my wild side in BeamNG so i'll say this DO NOT USE MY PAINTS IN ANOTHER GAME PLEASE
    anyways here are the images of the updated minis to fit with ThunderROARus!
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  16. ThunderROARus!! yeah we now have the red thunderroarus from WF23 isn't that insane????
    credits to Xor for screenshots for the paint
    Truck should handle like a RORMTL CRD chassis (yes i am fully aware that i miss spelled his name on the truck and i may or may not fix it later who knows)
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  17. As seen at World Finals on Friday! Hope ya'll enjoy the inverse design of ThunderROARus that Tony Ochs used!
  18. Theres a million Grave Digger packs on the site, why not add 1 more? 😎
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  19. Where a kid can be a kid! Based on the Chuck E, Cheese's plush truck that totally wasn't inspired by a black and green panel van.
    Essentially a modified version of this with some color changes, different body, and tires:
    Flames on the hood originally came from @Nick Worthmen. However they have been tinkered with a little bit.
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  20. Ahh yes, a "small" Eddiefoot but with 50 skins:)

    Idea by: Nuanes Racing, FCO and Karnage Productions
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  21. Neo Fighter was created from originally my rc car named Neo Fighter Buggy, this is also my first truck I have ever made, and I bring it here for all of you to enjoy!
    Sounds are by NotGavin
    Wheels are by Andrew P
    Images from CTC
    All Three from Discord

    Base truck is TM Creation's Game Over
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  22. A custom truck I made having a police theme to it. This truck I'm using in tours and hopefully one day in RORMTL
    Truck uses the base RORMTL CRD Chassis.
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  23. After some people teasing me how I never finish anything, I managed to finish this truck. It is the first one with a custom chassis made by me that I finished. This was mainly driven by Matt Powers and it would later become the first Raptor's Rampage. 
    Enjoy and shatter the competition and not the back of your skull.
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  24. This Might Be Ruining Devilish Motorsports' Reputation But Here's The Candy Carrier Chaos Truck Pack!
    (Inspired By GLITCH Productions)
    Basically Some Truck Made Originally For MEL World Finals But Now Public I Guess.
    Included Trucks:
    JCB Digatron
    Jurassic Attack
    Made By Team Devilish Motorsports
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  25. "You're gonna need a bigger boat."
    I have seen people make repli-customs of hot wheels and spin master diecasts before and they're pretty amazing I'm not gonna lie but I also found out that nobody has made and uploaded one for any of the Muscle Machines toy line as far as I know so I decided to grab the DeWalt truck by Oliver Jefferson because it was the closest thing to the ford body and chassis shown for the diecasts. Ladies and Gentlemen I'd like to present... JAWS! yes indeed its the first repli-custom of this truck on this site! hope you enjoy! (fair warning it's an older chassis so it loves to tip over if you go too fast when turning)

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