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How to improve your graphics

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A recommendation to start us off, please don't try this if you cant run the base game maxed out.

First off you want to get Sweetfx Reshade, this is a simple injector that injects a filter to make the game look better color wise etc.

Next I have included my Sweetfx settings that I use in my screenshot. No amount of screenshots will ever do all this justice, its really awesome once you get it going. The colors are a lot darker in the screenshots too for some reason.

If you have nividia use control panel and force edit the settings of rigs of rods to the max. I put mine as high as I could go with every setting. If you are running AMD well its gonna be hard because I have no clue on how to do the equivalent with AMD cards.

Once all that is done and you have Sweetfx running with the game it should look a ton better. If you have troubles look up how to activate Sweetfx for any game. Ill be nice and put a link here:(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYwdp9flySs)

That tutorial is pretty easy, when you get it take my settings and place it in the Sweetfx folder unless you want to create your own settings which is a bit harder and takes a bit of time to tinker with all the numbers.


But there you go, its dark but the colors and edges look amazing, you wont be disappointed if you try.

Sweetfx settings file: https://mega.nz/#!ooIGRYLa!ihKQhfo8LiySI4NAP50FSp7exSHUlSXzbseB2VQvdJc


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is there anyway to uninstall Reshade from RoR? When I open the config it is really slow to load then when i do hit play it comes up with an error message

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