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V4 ReplicaMr. Destruction

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Mr. Destruction

Had a good time re-visiting this ol' project from my early years. It's so much better and im proud to display this piece of monster truck history for you guys to enjoy.



Shocks, paint, & Windshield "nettting" - me

 Side Window Nets, Cab & Front clip - Andrew Sheets

Bed - Mark Collineri

Original Rims - Johan Seminario (acdcfan56)

(Modified by me)

Chassis & Hearders - Nicholad Kozak (Outlawed)

Engine - Andrew Wamsley (Wambo)

(Headers slightly modified by me)

Tires - Klayton Halog > modified by Diggerfan > Re-sized by me

Battery, Transmission, steering hydros - Klayton Halog (RockCrwlr)

Other Props used for this truck - Content creators of SM



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